>Today I Performed A Mitzvah

October 16, 2006 § 4 Comments

>1. You know how in health class or DARE class (you know, the drug prevention one that worked so well) there tends to be hand-outs with drawings in primary colors of little children helping old people across the street? I was just IN one of those drawings. I swear to you, I was walking home and this little old lady in a long blue coat with bright white hair asked me to help her cross the street. She had grocery bags and everything. I was smitten. I held her hand, which was my favotie part of the whole experience. She had soft, dry tiny hands. I was thinking about how once upon a time, this woman could have been a young hipster, too cool for school, and would never consider holding a stranger’s hand. We started the long walk across the street to the bus stop. At one point I said, “Am I going too fast?” and she answered, “this is fine, just fine.” I feel like I just crawled out of a Dick and Jane book. It was such a beautiful moment.

2. I’ve given up on the tranquil happiness thing. It’s just not me.

3. I’m finally getting a lot of writing/revising going. Maybe it was too hard to buckle down while the seasons were still changing but now that it’s undeniably fall, I feel a lot more settled in my work.

4. Today I signed the lease for real. It’s happening.

5. Song right now: A Place Aside by Beth Orton


§ 4 Responses to >Today I Performed A Mitzvah

  • Anonymous says:

    >congratulations on your mitzvah and your lease! beautiful! G-d bless.

  • polarchip says:

    >You might have saved that woman’s life, or at least improved the quality of the last years of her life. If she got hit by a car it would have been all downhill. Congratulations! That’s such a good sign too- being able to do a good deed. Sometimes it’s hard to find opportunities. So I think this good mitzvah will hover over you as go about your way in New York.

  • aimee says:

    >yay! that was a fun post. i will be that lady later, even though my hands feel that way now.congrats on the lease! and i agree; i’m nowhere on tranquil happiness. i can do that in the mornings but not at any other time. i’ve been thinking about that whole thing lately, too. happiness. how you recognize it, how you appreciate it, etc.

  • Sara says:

    >Hi Gili,I’m all about the blog cross-fertilization. Can’t wait to read more of yours! We are now officially linked.

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