>New York: Day Two

November 1, 2006 § 6 Comments

While I was walking to get my TB test today near Christopher Street, I ran into the short-statured man from “Station Agent,” Peter Dinklage. I thought of saying something to him, but I’m too shy and I was star-struck, so I just looked the other way as we passed each other. I had just seen him on a PBS documentary when I was in Boston. On the documentary, his manager was talking about how women don’t feel comfortable saying he’s sexy because he’s a little person. I think he’s sexy. Kim thinks I should have told him. Next time.

Kim, Umber, and I went to see the remake of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” at The Pioneer Theater for Halloween. It was fabulously boring and I almost fell asleep more than once. That might have been because first we ate mussels, fancy mac n cheese, and drank a bottle of wine. Or maybe it was the chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting that I shoveled down during the film. I think polarchip would have really enjoyed seeing the movie, but I’m just not enough of an obscure movie buff. Plus, I know this film has all this historical weight, what with its not so obscure references to Germany being asleep while Hitler took control, but I’m not sure why they remade it. Still, it was my favorite Halloween ever, which isn’t really saying much since I usually hate Halloween.

Umber and I bonded over our Chorus Line obsession. She grew up watching the movie over and over too. She doesn’t share my attraction to Michael Douglas, but then, who does?

My favorite free New York activity (this also applies to other cities) is following random people around the city. I’ve been spending a lot of time chasing after strangers as they weave through the streets. This is a great way to get exercise and get my mind in a writer’s mood because I make up personal histories and like to guess about where people are headed. I’m not always right, and sometimes I lose track of folks before they reach their final destination, but it keeps me busy.

Tobias Wolff is once again one of my favorite authors. My semester is mostly over, but I hadn’t had enough of him, so I’m reading “Old School.” His style reminds me of a much better/refined version of my own.

Because my job won’t start for a few days, I might head back to Boston tomorrow after my TB test results. I want to see poor Cornelius (who is not happy about my absence) and my beloved sister, Kimberley (who is not happy about my absence, though I think she is probably not displaying her disappointment in the same ways as Corny).

The weather is gorgeous. The city is gorgeous. I love New York. Love it.

*New York song of the day (this is a new category): Alphabet Street by my fellow Minneapolisian, Prince


§ 6 Responses to >New York: Day Two

  • Anonymous says:

    >Oh wow, I have such a crush on Peter Dinklage! That’s awesome.

  • aimee says:

    >yay, yay, yay! such a new yorker, already.

  • polarchip says:

    >OMG, he is totally hot!! I love that movie. I wonder what life is like for him, because people probably stare at him because they recognize him from movies, and some people probably stare at him because they’ve never seen a … ??? I don’t know what the preferred term is. Full grown man of his height. They have no idea he’s a talented indie-movie star. I’ve seen him around a few times and I was star struck as well.I’m so happy you’re in NY. I love reading your posts from NY. I don’t know anything about the other movie you mention- I’ll look in to it. The topic sounds interesting, because I feel like the “being asleep” thing is totally happening here in the US, and corporations are taking over our country. And in a corporation, no one takes responsibility, because CEO’s say they are beholden to the board, the board says they are beholden to the stockholders, and stockholders are beholden to consumers. Consumers need to wake up! That’s my political rant for the moment.

  • aimee says:

    >i forgot to say – i had a crazy dream last night where i was at a dinner table w/you at the other end and yr mom on the other side gili_________ | | | gili’s mom |———- meand you were saying that you were scared to move to ny and were almost about to back out, and asking about what that region in the country was called (i was like, uh, ‘northeast’?), and then you got up all frantic b/c there was a big huge bowl of cheese in front of me, lots of different kinds, and then you started taking out the ricotta b/c you were going to make something fancy.

  • mother says:

    >Aimee, thanks for getting me mentioned on Gili’s blog. Would that we lived in Manhattan and could see Gili and her friends regularly! Oh well, the thought of travelling there is even more exciting now!

  • Gili says:

    >I love your dream!!! I feel so famous when I’m in other people’s dreams. And my mom too! How fabulous.Hopefully if you keep having dreams about her, she’ll make it a reality and finally move to New York.

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