>Mountain Dew = Drink of Death

November 4, 2006 § 2 Comments

Remember my Mountain Dew overdose? Click here to learn how much of the drink I would have to ingest to die.

According to this website, it would have taken me 179.93 cans of Mountain Dew to be killed.
This link also lists how much caffeine (of any kind) you need to drink in order to stop living. Thanks to Sara’s blog, I’m now in the know about the dangers of caffeine. I think it’s 90 cups of coffee that would finally do me in.

(Some of you may recall that I had hallucinations of bunnies trying to eat me and people climbing into my window during my Mountain Dew overdose. I haven’t touched the stuff since the incident, which happened in college.)

More on New York soon.

*Song of the Day: Girlfriend in a Coma
*Book of the Day: Back In The World by (who else?) Tobias Wolff
*Horoscope of the Day: Rob Brezsny says, “Identify some aspect of your life you tend to regard as inadequate or insufficient, and redefine it to be an asset.”
*Expression of the Day: “Cat Got Your Tongue,” of which Kim and I have been trying to learn the origins, since we discovered that one of her cats has a tongue thrust.


§ 2 Responses to >Mountain Dew = Drink of Death

  • polarchip says:

    >Oh, Gi. That was such a scary time. It might take 180 cans of MD to kill you, but you’ll probably kill yourself somehow (acting like a spaaz/thinking you can fly) once you get past 24 cans or so. :(PS how do you like beta?! I like the new color scheme.

  • Gili says:

    >true, true.beta’s great, i think. i just feel so free to play around with it. i’m not sure what i’m supposed to love about it, but i do…

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