>get me to a dance floor and fast

November 16, 2006 § 1 Comment

>fell in love with a gay boy today. well, a 40 year old, doesn’t really count as a boy. same taste in books, european, good things like this. he’s very unavailable and leaving the country in a month, but still a girl can dream.

tonight, reaffirmed my disdain for live comedy. it’s been 14 year since my last attempt at attending a comedy show. should have stuck with my instincts. but tried to keep reminding myself: what’s one night of bad comedy to keep a good friend company?

notice no use of “i” in this post to indicate myself. because of sleepiness. it’s just 11:30, but being that this is really only my second normal day of life here, feels like there’s a lot of catching up on sleep to do.

my coworkers have found a new radio station. fantastic, unbelievable, and makes the day go so much faster. sorry jt fans, but it’s so good to not hear “i’m bringing sexy back” 200 times a day. so good. this new station mixes 80s songs with techno music. you have no idea how much more dancing we’re doing as we stare at our computer screens.

today’s consumption:
3 cups of coffee
1 cup of relax tea
1 big bowl of cereal (kashi’s vive)
1 gigantic honey crisp apple
1 trader joe’s apple sauce
1 over-priced but tasty chicken wrap
1 glass of merlot
not enough water

reading: “Easter Parade” by Richard Yates
listening: “Railroad Man” by Eels

p.s. is it the new cool thing to have a bar or restaurant that’s so obscure that no website exists for the place? i’m noticing a trend.


§ One Response to >get me to a dance floor and fast

  • aimee says:

    >i agree. there is so much thing as too much sexy back. AND it’s not my favorite single from the album.your ny life is too fantastic and fabulous!!

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