November 18, 2006 § 3 Comments

>wow, i’m really feeling it. all this movement/change is hitting hard. i’ve been having such a good time and loving (almost) every day, but nights like tonight, i can barely make it across my apartment. that’s not an exaggeration, the bathroom looks really far from where i’m lying in bed.

my friend Isaiah suggested this cool food by mail exchange and tomorrow is the last day to sign up. I decided to try it out. The basic idea is that you’re paired with a kind of not-so-secret-santa-blogger and you exchange food by mail. I’m not an incredible cook, though I’m not bad with the baked goods, so hopefully I’ll be paired with someone who likes chocolate.

I hung out with Tara last night. We ate at Viva Natural Pizza on 2nd (my first, but certainly not last visit) and after walking under umbrellas but still getting wet during a downpour, we got drinks at Doc Holliday’s Bar. It was really good to catch up and discuss similar experiences we’re having. She’s one of my oldest friends and this is the first time in our lives that we’ve lived in the same city. It’s really amazing to finally get this opportunity. Plus, we live within walking distance. I’m curious to see how we’ll end up being friends, since for years, we’ve only seen each other when we were in the same city for a week or so, so the time spent together was very concentrated and structured. I had to keep telling her that we have to try to remember we live in the same city now and can be the kind of friends that get to see each other regularly.

today was the housing works thanksgiving lunch party. it was held at this huge space and was bumping. the music was good, the food was good, the crowd was jovial. good times. it’s weird to work for a place that is constantly having events. tonight this silly white girl hip-hop group called Northern State was performing upstairs in the bookstore. i’m about as anti-white hip-hop as a white person can be, and i was grossed out by the whole thing, but some of the events are worth checking out. this was not one of them.

i need rest. i’ve slacked on my writing since moving to new york and i’m feeling pretty guilty about it. my goal is to get back into it when i come back to new york after thanksgiving in boston. let’s hope i follow through.

tonight i’m going to relax on the old air mattress with my book, “Easter Parade,” and some old school tom waits on the itunes.


§ 3 Responses to >pooped

  • polarchip says:

    >OMG my friend Katie Cassidy used to tour with Northern State! I think one of the girls went to Oberlin for a little while. I noticed Isaiah’s blog a while back- one of David’s childhood friends can’t eat gluten, plus he’s a vegan, so we’re sending the link along to him. I don’t think I can do the food exchange b/c I’m worried that I will flake. Or that my person will flake. I have trust issues, I guess. Also, I LOVE Viva natural!

  • Aimee says:

    >i’d food exchange if wasn’t so in transition madness. don’t be hard on yourself, esp about slacking on writing. did you notice that you just moved to new york city????!!i always recommend living hard but then recharging by going to bed REALLY early one night of the week (when i was in grad school, that was usu sat night. not that i didn’t have a social life, but the studio closed early that day and i was just SO spent by then).also, i find it hilarious the way friendships work even when you’re in close proximity. it always depends on how committed both parties are. i’m always shocked that i’ve shared cities w/close friends but a LONG time goes by before we see each other.

  • Gili says:

    >the night before last the blonde guy from the american version of “the office” was reading david foster wallace’s “infinite jest” at the store. i would have stayed but i had plans. some of the events are really cool. i’m pretty sure that at least one of the northern state people went to oberlin. i guess they never took women’s studies classes to learn about appropriation.

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