>Tales of A Teenage Loose Cannon

December 18, 2006 § 3 Comments

>I have been accused on more than one occasion of being a loose cannon. Which is why I’m worried. (I know I’m not a teenager anymore, but I still feel like one.)

I visited Aimee at lunch today and everyone was so calm and under-excited. Enter Gili, The Tornado, and dear G-D, please don’t let me have embarrassed Aimee. Oy, I talked about my double periods. I worry I did damage.

It is truly gift-giving time!!
Today I received:

*Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Season One DVD from Mom and Dad
*A beautiful green rug for my apartment from Kimberley
*An amazing print from Aimee that says, “My Name Is Not China” (I know there was some confusion about this issue and my name.)
*A mix CD from Aimee
*The biggest surprise ever: A package from Aimee with handmade greeting cards (These are a reason in and of itself for me to have a digi-cam), a beautiful necklace/bracelet, a tiny tree print, AND another homemade card.

At the post office this morning, the man behind me told me I have beautiful eyelashes. I had been staring at another person wishing I looked more like them and it was so nice that he just came out and said that. I was thinking this world would be so great (if not slightly creepy) if everyone gave everyone else the compliments that they are thinking.

Dispelling A Rumor:
I’m here to announce that Aimee and I are not a couple. We are not lesbian lovers. Enough, people.

I’d like to go see Yusef Komunyakaa read tonight at KGB, but we all know I never end up making it to readings.

Biggest hope:
I will finally talk to Riva today.

p.s. My mom thought that Tompkins Square Park was called “Munchkin Square Park.” How weird would that be? And SO not approrpiate!!


§ 3 Responses to >Tales of A Teenage Loose Cannon

  • aimee says:

    >supposedly, the jewelry is made of opals, but i’ve never seen opals that look like that.i don’t think you embarrassed me at ALL. if anything, you helped me bond more w/nancy. tho i think us both being disgustingly sick helped, too.you probably just made me look like a lame-o unpaid intern b/c i don’t come in w/tea for all and cookies. i’m SO glad you liked the print. i loved making it. it was one of my last in chicago before i took off.sorry for stepping on your foot today when i gave you a goodbye hug. i ALWAYS step on people’s feet when i hug them. i don’t know what’s wrong w/me. i’ll try and find out on wed if everyone thought you were my lesbian lover or not. i would start to try and explain to people why it seems like we are but we’re NOT, but it strikes me as a big waste of time.

  • mother says:

    >I didn’t really think it was called Munchkin Park. It was just the closest I could come to Tompkins.

  • Anonymous says:

    >You got your biggest hope! But not for long. Sorry it was an unsuccessful call. There was this yelling in the backgound (I was sitting in the mall trying to keep warm, for those of you who are not Gili). When I hung up I realized that the yelling was a Santa ho ho hoing right behind me. Santa is responsible for my not being able to talk to Gili. I hate Santa. But I will call you tomorrow (Wed) all day long until you call me back. I love you.R

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