>the difference is clear:

December 23, 2006 § 1 Comment

>i am not like new yorkers. i am flamboyantly happy and here is a visual aid to demonstrate the difference between me and others:

(thanks to kimberley for the jeans pictured above. i think they’re a little baggy on my chicken legs, but I’m going to keep wearing them.)
(my head looks gigantic in this picture.)
two nights ago, i was up the whole night minus one hour of sleep. last night i took sleepinal and went to bed at 7:30 pm. some day i’ll get it right. (have you ever noticed how so many of all of our posts revolve around the topic of sleep?)

fun with a digital camera! here i am trying to appreciate my profile. this is very much not my favorite angle, so while i had that ridiculous disposable camera, i tried to work it out.

happy last night of hanukah!

p.s. In my theory of hyper-connectivity, i came up with a possibility while falling asleep last night: maybe the faces of people you can remember are the people you consider sincere and the faces of people you can’t remember are those that aren’t. maybe this theory is too simplistic. it made a lot more sense while i was drifting off…


§ One Response to >the difference is clear:

  • aimee says:

    >i think yr profile is FINE. i didn’t cut out yr head in that pic on purpose; i was crossing the street and not looking. you don’t have chicken legs, either.

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