>My Vengeful Christmas: Part One

December 25, 2006 § 2 Comments

>My whole schedule has been reworked and I may end up missing “For Your Consideration.” I think I’ll only see four movies. Movies make me forget my head. I’m very disoriented, but I’m going with it.

I’ve made a pit stop home in between movie number one (Dream Girls) and movie number two (Volver).

Dream Girls gets a four out of five stars in comparison to other big budget movies/holiday films and I’m SO wanting to see the original Broadway production that is available on video. Jennifer Hudson stole the show. She’s stunning. The audience applauded a lot. That was fun.

Volver gets three and a half stars out of five in comparison to other Almodovar films. The mother, who used to act in Pedro’s older films, was kind of weak in this one. But this was one of Penelope’s best performances by far. Bravo.

I had movie seat karma issues. Before the second movie, I was pretending to be saving seats for people so nobody could sit near me. When push came to shove, I gave up the two to my right to what seemed like a nice 40-something lesbian couple. But wait! They decided to talk through the movie. I kept asking them to be quiet, which they refused to do. Mind you, I had done them a favor by giving up the seats, but anyway, when the film ended, I got up and promptly placed all my weight on one of their feet. I paused, letting the pressure dig in, and she yelled, “Excuse me!” I ignored her and moved on. I know that karma may catch up with me at “History Boys,” which I am running out the door to go see, but what can I do? Revenge is my middle name.

Other things:

I want patent leather shoes kind of. The old ones, what were they called? With the white and black. Oh! Saddle shoes.

I think New York is a city of over-abundance and I am totally susceptible to this problem.

I love New York Christmas!! I’ve been bonding (when I’m not being vengeful) with other movie-goers about my marathon.


§ 2 Responses to >My Vengeful Christmas: Part One

  • aimee says:

    >i’m jealous. i wish i had had your xmas and not mine. i LOVE the foot stepping story.

  • ByTheBay says:

    >I really enjoyed Dream Girls. My mom, dad and grandma all cried several times during it.I don’t cry at movies.You didn’t miss anything by not seeing For Your COnsideration, btw. It is AWFUL. Truly the worst of any of Guest’s films. He should be ashamed of himself. I am a big Guest fan and I just can’t understand how a movie could be so bad.

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