>Another Train Ride, Heading Back To Bean Town

December 31, 2006 § 7 Comments

>It’s hard to believe I won’t be seeing Aimee for two months.

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions (not because I’m Jewish and we have our own calendar, but because…

(WHAT?!! I just passed this gigantic mall-type metal church with a big banner hanging from the outside that said, “Is it nothing to you? Lamentations some number: some number.” Weird.)

…Anyway, back to New Years Resolutions: I don’t believe in them because they’re stupid. Still, I have one this year:

I need to make my home in New York a place where I can refuel with my writing. (We’re passing the Bronx now.) Not just blogging and emailing, but work. Real work. I need to get back to my characters.

I can’t believe I’m leaving New York. I know it’s only two weeks but I’m going to miss my new home. The chaos, the distractions, the extremes.

I’m going to see Kimberley in fivish hours and we’re going out with her friends for dinner (this is going to be fun, stop worrying, Kimberley!) and celebration. I feel like I haven’t seen my sister in forever. And I’m going to give her a red kettle because she doesn’t have one.

Aimee and I had brunch at 9th Street Market; don’t believe the hype. It’s way too expensive and they’re all over the place with their ambiance. The food was not memorable. When we left, the word “WHO” had been written in the clouds above us by one of those sky-writers. I wonder what it means.

We walked around, enjoying the sunny day, with a quick stop at Angelica to make a you tube video for E. Then I gave Aimee my shooties as a final farewell. We walked to the R and Aimee went to Brooklyn while I went to Penn Station. We took pictures, so dad, don’t be surprised that I have digital pictures to share. (Happy birthday, dad! Love you! Did you know you can eat the entire apple except the seeds, just like a pear?)

It feels like the end of an era. A very concentrated era, but isn’t everything like that in New York?

Hanging out with Aimee reminded me of summer camp. The city became a gigantic jungle gym. Now we must go out into the world and kick some art ass!

Twenty minutes until New Haven.

Movie of the day: Sliding Doors


§ 7 Responses to >Another Train Ride, Heading Back To Bean Town

  • aimee says:

    >IS THERE WIFI ON THE AMTRAK??? what is going on??? how can you post like that on the train??? amazing.i miss you already. wait, that’s old. i think i’ve said that to you in two voicemails and two emails. i tried to explain to my sister how our friendship worked w/the camp reference and she kind of got it. she still doesn’t really get it.i’m sad that we have to kick ass not together. but i’ll see you in feb. if not in between vermont and japan, then after feb 18 and before march 1.

  • Dad says:

    >Apple cores are just not very “a-peeling”. Pear cores are better “a-pearing”. Enjoy Boston and Happy New Year. Love, Dad

  • Gili says:

    >dad!!! that was so corny!!! no, there’s no wifi on the train. i uploaded when i got to kimberley’s.(is this going to start a whole other discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of technology??)i walked by “our bank” on my way to penn station.

  • Dad says:

    >I was refering to apples and pears, not corns. (Are those all fruits? I guess corn is a vegie because it has no seed, although that yellow thing you eat is the seed. This is all very confusing!)

  • Dad says:

    >p.s. I wouldn’ begin to drawback technology.

  • Dad says:

    >p.p.s. I thought corny was your cat. Oh well, what does corny think of apples and pears? or fruits vs vegies?

  • polarchip says:

    >GI!!! I wish you a wonderful, wonderful New Year. I’m so happy for you in so many ways. This year is going to be the best yet.

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