>Second day of residency

January 7, 2007 § 1 Comment

>Best part of the day was the break in the middle where Jessica and I went to Cambridge Common and drank three glasses of wine each. Then we went back to school.
Mostly today was a drag. I accidentally ruined everything for my large group workshop and now we’re all going to have to read parts of our work out loud. I have to go first. Tomorrow.
In the evening, after the faculty reading, I went out with a bunch of students to imbibe. I had another glass of chardonnay before calling it quits.
I told Jessica she’s my only friend who not in an ironic way owns a hoody advertising Bible Camp. She’s fabulous. But I worry that in my program everyone thinks we’re a couple. What’s up with me having friends that everyone thinks are not just friends? That’s SO not the image I’m trying to project although it’s not as important to set the record straight (as it were) in my program as it is in my New York life.
I’m still not acting like this residency is actually happening. I hope this changes soon being that my work is going to be discussed tomorrow.
p.s. Lately, I’ve decided that being smart is not a main priority for women. What’s important is to look as good as possible. Intelligence is secondary, if that. I feel like I already have the smarts, now I have to focus on looking as good as possible. I know most of you will think this is a waste of energy/not agree with me, but I don’t care.
p.p.s. Okay, I do care, but I do think that looks come first in this world and I have to stop pretending that’s not the case.
p.p.p.s. Therefore it’s time for my beauty sleep.


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  • >No way. Making the effort to look nice is not a waste of time.It’s true that most women spend a ton of time and energy on looks, but isn’t that a completely logical reaction to living in a society that rewards precisely that? We don’t make fun of men for being driven in their careers or of dogs for obeying their masters, but when it comes to vanity, women make easy targets.

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