>Hairless In The Arctic

January 25, 2007 § 16 Comments

>Enough with that old post already. I’m putting an end to the silliness.

I just got home from Kinky Jews at the KGB. Lots of Jewish writers reading but on my end, very little attention span. I left as soon as I could.

The word “arctic” was used on the radio to describe tomorrow’s weather. Not pleased.

Major break-through at work: I put on my I-Pod and kept it on almost all day. This is a whole new level of sanity I didn’t know I could achieve.

Today “The Onion” (the newspaper) filmed upstairs in the bookstore. I don’t know what they’re filming but they took over. On Friday, “Law and Order: SVU” is filming so the store’s closed. I think I’m going to be the one to supervise the shoot. SVU is creepy.

Last night I had dinner and drinks with Kim at Lil’ Frankie’s. This might be her favorite restaurant. I can’t completely get down with a place that doesn’t have chardonnay by the glass. The dessert was pretty rocking. I’m kind of skeptical about over-priced menu items so I thought the nutella thing wouldn’t be worth it. I was wrong. We were served a baked dough-pie-type filled with nutella and strawberries and cream. Yum.

Also, Kim introduced me to an amazing gum. Not only does it last forever, but it also has smart packaging. I can’t go into detail here because you will tune me out, but if you find this gum, get it. We’re worried it’s not going to catch on and we need your help. Buy Stride gum! (For us.)

I’ve been thinking about learning to ride a long-board. I know this could potentially be very unsafe and the chances of me ever doing it are unlikely, but I think it would go nicely with my general lifestyle. I don’t really know what that last sentence means. Basically, every time someone skates by on a long-board, I think to myself, “Wow, what could be cooler?” And I find myself answering, “Nothing. Nothing at all.”

Tomorrow night I have a kind-of-sort-of date that I will not be going into details about on this blog, NOR should you if you are privy to the situation. In preparation, I am about to take on the massive feat of shaving off most of my body hair. Suddenly being Jewish feels like a punishment. (You MAY speak of the shaving/Jewish problem freely.)

I’ve been horrible these past few days. Very little writing has happened and even less reading. Maybe in the morning I can redeem myself.

One of the best Prince songs of all time (not that I believe in choosing favorites since they’re all perfect) is “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man.” Please find this song and put in on repeat. Then write me a thank-you card.


§ 16 Responses to >Hairless In The Arctic

  • Repeater says:

    >Please, and I repeat Please do not learn how to ride a long board. I feel I have to inform you: Just about EVERYTHING is cooler than skateboarding. You’ll be thanking me, honey, (though I too like Prince)

  • Gili says:

    >say more please.

  • polarchip says:

    >I’m a little sketched out by the longboard too… esp in NYC. Just because being a pedestrian is hard enough, moving faster than you can walk while looking like you are standing seems like a taxi driver’s nightmare. Skating in Central Park or something is OK, but still I would want you to wear a helmet.I know where you’re coming from with the motivation though! I have fallen prey to hotties on longboards. Just like guys on the subway with guitar cases. Resistance is futile. And you’re cool already so please! On another note, how is the hair frizz thing going? I was thinking, in addition to trying the olive oil, you should go to Lush and have them give you tons of samples of everything they think will help you. I just washed my hair with this coconut solid shampoo that I haven’t used in months, and I was shocked what a difference it makes! They give really generous samples of everything- totally great.

  • >Long boards?! Errrr….I’m excited for your date. Keep me updated! :)Ellen, LUSH almost never gives me samples! I think I got one *once*, when I bought almost half the store. What’s your secret?

  • Dad says:

    >What you don’t need is your father telling you in public not to ride a long board. So I promise to keep my mouth shut!As far as my spelling of compliment is concerned, I stand corectid. Thank you. See you tomorrow.

  • Gili says:

    >I bought the olive oil but haven’t opened it yet. No time. But this morning I conditioned with a LUSH conditioner sample. I’ll let you know how that goes. Thanks for all your tips. I was talking to Riva and we were wondering if you ever read “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and we wanted to know what you thought of it.

  • aimee says:

    >i canNOT believe that you are advertising gum on your blog.i just finished another chewable vitamin. i feel invincible!!! (as i blow my nose)my mom always told me to feel lucky for being asian and relatively hairless. i almost wish you did before/after shots.

  • TI says:

    >Here’s what could be cooler: snowboarding. It’s very cool. You feel seriously cool when you’re doing it (trust me on that) and, here’s the best part: it takes place in a controlled environment with no vehicles, no pedestrians so it is much less likely that you will die doing it. I want to hear about the date — you could do it like a fictionalized account. Nutella pie does not make up for no chardonnay by the glass. There’s a whole wine crowd that believes chardonnay to be too common. They can talk to me when they learn to snowboard.

  • Gili says:

    >my arms are cold without hair.polarchip, remember how i told you about meredith’s eye exercises? there’s a book on my desk now called EMDR “eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. the breakthrough ‘eye movement’ therapy for overcoming anxiety, stress, and trauma.” looks interesting.

  • polarchip says:

    >1) You go in to Lush, look at everything, and when the cute, nice salesperson comes over, you say, “can I get a sample of this this this and that??” Or, “I have very [X] hair/skin and I’d like samples of whatever would be good for that.” 2) When I was in NY, I had a “freebord” for a little while and would try to skate in Central Park w/ it. It moves different than a long board, but it looks the same. It moves like a snowboard! Their website has videos.3) Like Aimee, I’ve been relatively hairless all my life too. I think my body hair MIGHT have gotten a TEENY bit longer w/ the acromegaly, but I’m pleased since I’m freaking freezing all the time and I think it might help me stay warm4) I’m going to have to go back to therapy but I don’t think I can afford Meredith (time, money) unless I get a job in Oakland/SF.5) Have been reading SHotTP, but it’s on attention span-rotation with a bunch of other books. I’m upset that I’ve seen posters for the movie (but not the movie) and I’m assigning those actresses to the characters. 6) When you try the olive oil, remember you just use a few drops! I was at a kitchenware store and saw olive oil spray-misters. I thought that looked like a good idea and would work well for applying to skin. For your hair, just run your hands through your hair when you are done applying to your body.

  • Repeater says:

    >Well, geeze gili, I hope I didn’t sound too harsh (in my defense I was in the middle of a major arguement with my husband when I wrote that & was all steamed up) I think ti (as usual) said it much more eloquently than I. You’ll find I occasionally have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself, but overall I’m pretty harmless.

  • Gili says:

    >oh! i was so not offended at all. just curious why. so not worried about it.

  • aimee says:

    >please don’t tell me you shaved all the hair off of your arms. please.

  • Gili says:

    >of course i did. i usually only do it in the summer but duty called.

  • >You shaved the hair on your arms? Gili! 😦

  • Gili says:

    >i know! it’s ridiculous but sometimes i like to do that. forgive my silliness please, p?

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