>A Lot In Lists

January 30, 2007 § 12 Comments

>I’m so tired from running around town with my dad in the past three days that I’m only capable of…

Trip With Dad in List Form:


Three Cups, Mermaid Inn with Kim, Angelica, and Hummus Place

Furniture purchased:

Mahogany desk from the 1940s, real curtains, white dresser

Play we saw:

Two Trains Running
by August Wilson


Dad got my Uniqlo coat fixed after the zipper broke

Dad sealed the draft in my apartment


We saw the first real snowfall of the year when we walked Kim back to the train.

Michal, the Israeli that works at Rite-Aid told my dad that he’s blessed.


My mother has updated her glorious blog. Sing praises!

Big, big thanks to my dad for spoiling me rotten.

Good night.


§ 12 Responses to >A Lot In Lists

  • Repeater says:

    >I am truly touched by the sweet relationship you seem to have with your parents. Sounds like you had a good time. How was the play?

  • Gili says:

    >the short answer is:I liked the play a lot. Most of the acting was incredible. The story was very well written. If it were up to me, he could have used a better editor. Coming from a writing fiction perspective, I believe every scene needs to add something to the story. The tension needs to build. There was A LOT of repetition and there was what felt like anxiety on Wilson’s part to put as much information about the Black American experience in the 60s and 70s into one play. All in all, I’m really glad I saw it and I’d love to see other plays by him, but there was room for improvement.

  • Gili says:

    >that ended up being the long answer too.

  • aimee says:

    >YAY. i wish i had fairy dad visits like yours.

  • polarchip says:

    >Parents are really great how they pop in to our adult lives and take care of us again, aren’t they? I feel really sorry for orphans sometimes.I’m glad you had a great time with your pops! Soo…. where’s the digicam?

  • >I know two of those restaurants. They are both super tasty. 🙂

  • Gili says:

    >the digi-cam is in the mail and on its way. now you’ll never have to pester me about pictures again.i won’t be good at taking them, but i will take them.

  • Bug says:

    >unrelated comment: how is the olive oil thing working for ya? I need to try something new…

  • Gili says:

    >I haven’t even cracked open the olive oil. I’m such a slacker. But I’ve discovered rubbing raw garlic on your skin is very healing.

  • Bug says:

    >healing how? you love garlic! (i read about drinking garlic tea. sounds, um, gross. no offense.)

  • Gili says:

    >i do love garlic. it’s the perfect food. if you have scars or scabs or blemishes or cuts, they heal faster with garlic.

  • polarchip says:

    >My friend Annie’s grandma was going to need her leg amputated b/c of bedsores/gangrene/something but Annie went to the hospital to rub garlic and olive oil on the leg every day, and SAVED HER LEG.

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