>Ahmed, send up the heat!!!

February 5, 2007 § 3 Comments

Remember in Beaches when C.C. Bloom has that shabby apartment in New York and bangs on her radiator with a frying pan and yells, “Ahmed, send up the heat?” Well, subtract the red hair, the frying pan, and Ahmed, and add brown hair, hours of fun with my super, and me walking around my apartment in my down coat, two pairs of pants, and my down shooties. This brings us to the present moment. My super is standing outside my apartment fixing something or other and I am praying that tonight things will be better.

Reality check: Cornelius has always been afraid to go under the covers and now she refuses to come out. We are not pleased.

I spent the day working on my submissions and trying to support Aimee as she sat on her plane for 5 hours that didn’t end up taking off for Japan. She’s in Astoria and if I wasn’t frozen in one spot, I’d go bring her books for her trip.

Hester sent me a short story by Junot Diaz from a 2001 “New Yorker” entitled “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,” and after finishing Nathan Englanders 79-percent-thumbs-down book, this was a real pick-me-up. Some day I’ll get around to reading Diaz’s “Drown,” but it’s going to be a while.

Right now I’m starting Come to Me by Amy Bloom, and I’ll get back to you soon about how it’s going.

(Picture me taking a small break from typing to put on my mittens.)

My digicam arrived today but I didn’t answer the door because my doorbell is always ringing, so it’s living at the post office. Pictures of my new furniture will have to wait.

What I’ve consumed while homebound:
Trader Joes cereal with a handful of flaxseeds, baby carrots, Peet’s French Roast coffee (thank you, S), a cup of unsalted mixed nuts, and three cups of honey bush tea.

Song that I wish I had listened to before last week’s romance stuff:
Casanova’s Last Words by The Go-Betweens

Just in case there’s any confusion at all: I STILL love New York…frozen or not.


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