>I Want To Be Warm

February 7, 2007 § 2 Comments

>Today was not a good day. But the end results were as satisfactory as they could be:
1. purchased a space heater paid for by my broker
2. promised a new radiator in the next two weeks
3. told that my smaller ac/heating unit will be fixed at some point
4. given an allowance from my broker to pay my con-ed bill.

This evening I attended my mentor from last semester, Michael Lowenthal’s reading of his new book Charity Girl. I liked comparing this reading to the one he gave at school last month. He read an essay about what led him to write the book, and this was just as valuable to me as his reading of the work. He spoke about how he was inspired to start researching the topic thanks to Susan Sontag’s book AIDS And Its Metaphors. (Some of you may know that I think she’s one of the smartest people that has lived in current times and I am incredibly jealous of those who got to know her while she was still alive.) Michael mentioned that he has an “eavesdropper’s queasy thrill,” which rang very true for me, too. Doesn’t every writer have a good dose of voyeurism in them?

Big thanks to everyone for supporting me during this lack of heat nightmare. Hopefully, it’s coming to a close.

Favorite easy listening song played at work today: She’s Gone by Hall & Oates


§ 2 Responses to >I Want To Be Warm

  • Kim says:

    >Gili, I had no idea you’ve been without heat! (I know, that’s what I get for being MIA for a week.) That happened to me at my first NYC apartment and there are no words to adequately describe the trauma of it. (At least you have hot water, though, right?) I wish I could give you some of my heat- my apartment has been 90 degrees these past few days. You could always come back and be my roommate again! Ah, the good old days…

  • Repeater says:

    >Michael’s getting a lot of press- even out here. I’m bummed, though that almost all of the reviews I’ve read talk about subject matter rather than what an excellent book he’s written.

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