>Let’s Save Our Troubles For Another Day

February 11, 2007 § 6 Comments

>I’ve been slacking on the blog. Here’s why: last week I had to deal with no heat and a broken computer. (Fixed by the handsome boy at the genius bar. See, E, I resisted calling you to help me.)

Plus my submissions for school were due. I feel semi-satisfied with what I sent out to my mentor. I really took the knife to my story and chiseled away at a lot of the scenes. A friend of mine said I must feel like I’m walking around without one of my arms now. Because the truth is, I think to myself, “ohhh, I’m so witty and smart, I can’t get rid of this part, even though it doesn’t move the story forward because I want everyone to know how brilliant I am.” Maybe that’s not something I’m supposed to admit publicly, but I’m not one to lie, at least not about art-related things. So, yes, I feel as though I’m operating with one arm.

This past week, this stupid show called Six Degrees filmed an episode at my work. I found out that the episode will probably not air in the U.S. but will be sold internationally because the show is going to be canceled. I didn’t mention to the crew that I couldn’t believe it’s still on the air. They should change the name of the show to “Oops, Our Cast Is Wearing Way Too Much Makeup.” That girl with the face (you know, the one in the previews who takes off her shirt on a garbage truck) was there all day. That’s my encounter with a mediocre star for the week.

This weekend I’m doing a fruit/veggie detox (the first time I did this, I didn’t put it on my blog because I knew my parents and sister would have a collective heart attack). I let myself have a cup of coffee and then the rest of the day I’m eating raw. So far I’ve had an avocado with garlic and tomato (a lazy-person’s guac). E’s right, this stuff goes right through you, so I’ve got to keep eating. (That’s not really a complaint since eating is my favorite hobby.)

Other news… DRUM ROLL:

I got my digicam. We can stop all the debate and be happy for me. Naturally, it will probably take me another month or so to buy a memory card that can hold more than five pictures at a time. You know these things take me a while. (Please be patient with my inability to take good pictures.)

As requested, here’s a picture of my new, beautiful desk. Thank you, dad and our new friend, Red, for rolling the desk ten blocks to my home. Thanks, Red for lifting it into my apartment. Thanks, dad for paying for it.

*Amy Bloom is so-so. She’s readable, but I’m not in love.
*Song on my itunes right now: Escapade by Janet Jackson.
*Inspiring television show on DVD of the week: art: 21
*New comment poster who I love and needs to be acknowledged because she wants more attention on my blog: KIM, who I’ll see tonight, right?
*Youtube video of the week: SJP endorses donating to the organization for which I work.

p.s. This morning I started working on a first draft of a story that’s been crawling around in my brain for months are I’m so excited to finally get it on paper.


§ 6 Responses to >Let’s Save Our Troubles For Another Day

  • Anonymous says:

    >I have an extra memory card- I acidentally left it somewhere and bought a new one then got it back and now I have 2. So don’t buy one, I’ll bring it with me to NY when I come next week. R

  • Anonymous says:

    >Also- My copy of the Amy Bloom book is taking forever to come to the library so I read Disgrace instead. Read it please so we can talk about it.R

  • Gili says:

    >I’m liking Amy Bloom again. Sometimes she’s really good. She’s not gimmicky like Lorrie Moore, but sometimes I connect to her stories and sometimes I don’t. I’ll say more when I know why.Do you have a canon SD600? That’s what I have and I don’t think you can just use any old memory card.

  • Repeater says:

    >Congrats on the camera- I really really need a new one- mine’s a dinasaur. I really loved Amy Bloom. But I’m kind of like that about Alice Munro- certain stories I adore, others not so much.

  • Anonymous says:

    >I have a canon too but not sure about the number- I’ll check. Hopefully I will get the Amy Bloom to take on the plane. I am liking this semesters book list better than last so far. R

  • Gili says:

    >it’s definitely an easier semester, reading-wise than last, right?

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