>Snow, Mermaids, Beer, Squids, Cramps

February 14, 2007 § 5 Comments

>I’m having digicam issues which is why I’ve been avoiding the blog. That and I’ve been somewhat busy. Ellen is going to fix everything, as she always does, so I’m not too worried about it. The digicam’s great but my computer doesn’t love me the way it used to.

Snow and ice pellets are real. I’ve lived to tell it. Walking to work is a new kind of exercise.

On Monday night, Kim won free Bud Light every Tuesday night at a bar in my neighborhood. She was nice enough to give me the prize since there’s a better chance of me going there, but last night I missed my first free night due to a certain feminine cycle beginning. Too much information? Maybe, but oh well.

Recently, I’ve been told that I’m like Daryl Hannah in Splash. This is kind of true. I’m like this new person learning about people without knowing all the rules or caring much for following them.

The BBC put out an important study on giant squids. I was going to say that this isn’t a metaphor for anything, but hello! I studied Queer Theory. Everything means something, right? So maybe there are moments in my life when I feel like a giant squid.

For Valentine’s Day, I made a little shrine up in the bookstore for Judy Blume. I hope she accepts.


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