>Life Is Not Linear

February 16, 2007 § 3 Comments

>And neither are blog posts. Since there was some maintenance work that had to happen on my computer, I couldn’t post pictures until Ellen swooped in and saved the day.
The day has been saved!!!

Here is my first attempt at photojournalizm (the “z” means that it’s not real photojournalism; it’s Gili’s inability to take pictures, but trying anyway journalism).

You asked for it. Get ready for lots of bad pictures coming your way.

On Monday mornings, this is what my life is like:

I open my gate, recognizable by the silver graffiti, which reads “Noser.” This tag is on other buildings in my neighborhood as well. I like to think of it as a kind of tag for the Jewish people, and I open and close my gate with pride.

Then I walk by the tree stump that cracked in half and fell on a woman’s head right before my very eyes. Remember that? This is the belated evidence. I wasn’t kidding. The stump is a constant reminder of the city’s unexpected drama.

From the stump, I walk the short distance to Trader Joe’s to pick up produce, rice milk, tea, cereal (notice the great cereal display in the window), and the like. This is like cleansing in the mikvah. It’s my early Monday morning ritual and there is a certain calm that has fallen over all of Trader Joe’s, which can only mean that the day before was chaos. I am beginning to know some of the members of the Monday crew and I have a great affection for all of them (hopefully this has been obvious from my other posts).

Once all groceries are unloaded, I gather my holds from the past week and return them to the Tompkins Square Library. It looks way prettier on the outside than it does inside. I am getting to know the desk clerks by severity of attitude. They seem to be having an ongoing competition to determine which one of them hates their job the most.

After the library, my day is open. These four pictures represent the constants. Thanks for indulging me in my first real use of my digicam. Hopefully, my pictures will be more interesting as I grow more comfortable taking them.


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