>Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

March 8, 2007 § 9 Comments

One year ago, today, I began this blog. My entire life has changed in a year. Unsurprisingly, my first blog entry has only one comment, and whom else could it be from, but my internet obsessed partner in crime, Aimee?

I was going to buy a cupcake to celebrate my blog birthday but I’ve been eating junk all week, so here’s a picture of a (healthy) mango I had on hand with a candle in it. (Oh no! I just realized I forgot to make a wish when I blew out the candle.) Big thanks to polarchip for encouraging me to start blogging and to keep going.

Now, let’s back it up two days:
I was sitting at home, staring at my bathroom ceiling, when it occurred to me that everything in my life is going really well. Frighteningly well. There was only one option: something very bad was going to happen. (Is this a Jewish thing or do all people think like this?)

I frantically started emailing/calling people to let them know things were about to be bad.

Alyssa came over (night of Manhattan, which I thought was good, but certainly no Annie Hall) and she thought this theory was ridiculous. (By the way, we met three neighbors during the great microwave search. This is the best way to meet people ever. We found two cute men and one disgusting middle-aged man in a green bathrobe. He couldn’t get rid of us fast enough and we couldn’t leave fast enough. This activity is highly recommended to anyone moving into a new building.)

When I went to work the next morning, I discovered that I had been sent an email from the Director of Communications informing my boss that my blog had classified information on it. Yup, apparently I’m not the only one in the world with information anxiety. Pretty scary.

I flipped out and promptly put my blog on “private” mode. I left my desk to call my parents and cry to them for an hour. This was not a small potatoes cry. I walked around the freezing city, trying to find a good warm store/restaurant/café to linger in while I bawled on the phone. And of course the parents put things into perspective with love, patience, care, attention, logic, and a few pep talks sprinkled in.

Now that a day has gone by, I’ve calmed down a lot. I’m pretty sure I’ll want to publicize my blog again, but I’m not rushing it.

It’s creepy that this whole thing happened almost exactly one year after the birth of my blog.

Thanks to everyone for being so ridiculously supportive. I’m embarrassed by how shocking/traumatic this was, but nobody laughed at me. All of your emails, calls, and hugs were perfect. Thanks.

Here are my celebratory picks for the year (nobody who has been reading along will be surprised):
Book of the year: Old School by Tobias Wolff
Music of the year: The Be Good Tanyas (This was such a hard one, but it was kind of their year on my itunes.)
Movie: Too hard to remember all of them. Maybe I should just honor the Christmas Movie Marathon of 2006, which started as a list of six and ended up being three: History Boys, Dream Girls, and Volver.
Move/City: New York
Exercise: Swimming and walking
Most Random Comment: Remember that relative that found my blog? That was bizarr-o!
Solidified friendships: Aimee and Paulette
Tech help: Polarchip
Most frequently plugged: Trader Joes with Aveda at a close second.
Sexiest pet: Cornelius
Obsession with feelings toward another animal: Horses
Drink: Honeybush tea
Food: Garlic
Biggest scandal: privacy vs. public blogging (ongoing)

I hope this coming year will be another great one. Not much could top this. I’m still convinced I started Saturn Return a year early, which is why I am the way I am right now.

Thanks for reading.

Love you.


§ 9 Responses to >Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

  • aimee says:

    >you rock hard. i’m so proud of you!! look at how far you’ve come!!! i had no idea that that first post would predict how things would be for us, but i’m glad it turned out the way it did.happy birthday, blog!!you might be right about saturn return.

  • susan says:

    >of course I love your blog wherever it is!

  • polarchip says:

    >Hurrah! To many, many more years of Gili blogging!I’m so happy to be sharing the blog-o-sphere with you.I kind of like this underground blogging right now… maybe I should go private too! Peer pressure.

  • >I love your blog. Thanks for writing.I liked you a lot in college, but I think I was intimidated by how beautiful you were. You’re still beautiful, but it’s a lot harder to intimidate me when I’m half a world away. 🙂

  • Repeater says:

    >Happy bb. I like your blurry pict too.

  • wobble says:

    >hello, saturn return. can we talk about this please? mine was exact at the end of december & i was an absolute wreck. lowest point in quite a few years. i actually bought a book i read about here: http://saturnreturn.net.in other news: gili, you’re frickin’ adorable in 900 ways. madd props, girl. & happy blog bday & all happy things.

  • TI says:

    >happy blog b-day. Thanks for sharing the drama! Whew. That must have been tense and intense. No one at work knows about my blog and I want to keep it that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    >Happy blog birthday and many, many more!

  • ByTheBay says:

    >Happy blog birthday, friend!What a crazy story about being found out at work. Glad everything’s worked out.

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