>Since Last We Spoke

March 10, 2007 § 2 Comments

>Not a lot to report.

I saw Zodiac with Maggie last night. She was riveted. I thought it was pretty good. Completely worth seeing for the hotness of Jake, Mark, and Robert.

Then we went to my favorite bar on 1st avenue. Best thing about it was that drinks were half off. Worst thing was everything else. So after a while, we headed for the quietest bar in town, which happens to be on my street. (It’s also next to one of my parents’ favorite theaters.)

I finally wrote a draft of my Coetzee annotation. Really unimpressive, but it’s because the subject I originally chose was too large and difficult. I wanted to write about how there seemed to be no surprises for Coetzee as he told the story and therefore everything felt formulaic. But I couldn’t find a way to make that sound like anything but a book review. I’m saving it for my cover letter.

I’m pretty sure I’m giving up on Ian McEwan. I’m going to ask my mentor if I can skip him.

At lunch, I talked to Alyssa and she told me that I don’t have ADD, but I might have dating ADD. She hit the nail on the head.

In other boring news, I’ve called 311 on my building (tenant rights’ number) and the work on my heating unit is back in progress. Maybe by next winter, I’ll have heat.

I haven’t taken any pictures lately. (The above photo is courtesy of one of my favorite artists, Felix Gonzales-Torres.) I’m gearing up for Aimee, Paulette, polarchip, and my week in pictures which begins March 15, the day my parents and Alyssa get back to town. I can’t wait for picture week!


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