>My Parents Are Gaining Momentum

March 13, 2007 § 1 Comment

>I’m staying strong, still holding out about my romantic exploits, but my parents seem to be strengthening. They’ll be in town on Thursday, so we’ll see if I can hold my own.

On gawker.com, someone reported seeing Tobias Wolff right near my work. I wouldn’t have known what to say to him. But I still would have chased him down. Too bad I had the day off:
594 Broadway
Mar 12th, 2007 @ 1pm
I just saw Tobias Wolff, of This Boy’s Life fame, picking up a sandwich at Miro on Broadway. He looked distinguished with his signature bald head, gray mustache, glasses, and leather jacket. He was alone and no one paid him any mind.

In other news, I’ve abandoned McEwan and I’m reading Andre Dubus’ Adultery and Other Choices. So far, it’s fine.

I watched Half Nelson finally. Everyone’s already seen it (except Alyssa), so I don’t think I need to go into detail about it here. It was pretty good.

Song of the second: “How Can I Love You If You Won’t Lie Down” by the Silver Jews


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  • aimee says:

    >funny. last night at dinner, the writers were talking about how great ian mcewan was. i wanted to say, “i’ve never read any of his stuff, and i never want to!!” but i’ve been pretty quiet all residency so i kept my appropriated opinion to myself.i’m glad we both saw the movie, almost on the same day.

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