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March 25, 2007 § 2 Comments

>Confession: I miss Photo Blog Week. Simultaneously, it was super fun and super stressful. My computer is really slow to upload pictures since I’m stealing internet access from other people who live in my building. The fun part was forcing myself to slow down enough to take pictures and to see all the amazing things around me. I definitely prioritized photo blog week over my writing and it’s for the best that I have to get back down to my work, but as you know, I am a huge sucker for a distraction/project/assignment.

Two nights ago Alyssa (you remember her, right?) and I went to Aimee’s sister, Cindy’s birthday party. We brought her a mini-pig magnet and a little porcelain pig dish. We gave Yohei (the other birthday party celebratee, a giant dried chili pepper bundle, which I think he liked but maybe I overwhelmed him with it, as I am wont to do. I’m not sure.

After the party, Alyssa and I walked home from midtown, stopping to get hotdogs and then to eat ice cream at Sundaes and Cones. This didn’t really go with my salad detox, but both hotdogs and ice cream could (should?) be salad ingredients in my opinion.

Last night, Kim and I went to Yaffa for dinner. Then we came back to my apartment and talked until really late. We discovered that we’re actually a lot like we were in high school. I always thought that at the core, I’m nothing more than a person who is constantly reinventing myself, but Kim insisted that I’ve always been like this. She said my core is “challenge.” I like challenging myself and other people. That’s kind of cool, I guess.

Today I’m supposed to be writing a new draft of a story and focusing on school. I’ve written about three pages. The ADD has kicked in. I’ve been dancing around my apartment and doing made-up yoga poses. I refuse to go outside even though I think it’s really nice out because I must have alone, serious school time today.

Tomorrow Alyssa and I hit the streets for thrift store shopping. I sent her a list of places and she’s supposed to make us a map/itinerary to follow.

Aimee returns at the end of the week! I can’t believe how fast time flew. So much fun is about to happen, I don’t know if I can stand it.

Escucha por favor: “A Little Respect” by Erasure. (Dedicated to the hypochondriac in Chicago.)


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  • aimee says:

    >makes me realize that it’s impossible to avoid being stalked b/c my friends reveal even more info than i do about my life. HAHHAHAAA.jack is being very bad. he and corny would get along, i think, b/c they’re just all trouble.i don’t know why you think it has gone so fast, but time has gone REALLY slowly for me. i feel like i’ve been here forever.

  • FatCharlatan says:

    >Wow. I’m just catching up on your Pic-Week. LOVE the shots: the food, the ‘rents, and the beautiful little treasures you stumbled upon.For some reason, many of us MFA-ers are having trouble buckling down for this submission. Hope you wrote some more pages!

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