>Three Exclamation Points

March 29, 2007 § 2 Comments


Back it up, back it up. Wow, days are so confusing. All I know is that last night, I did nothing. I hung out at home, napping and reading. Mellow me time. Such a necessary thing.

Two nights ago, Alyssa and I made more muffins. So many muffins. So many disasters in the kitchen. Even a fire alarm incident at one point.

Today was an ACT-UP rally. To protect people’s privacy, I’ll only post this picture of me and Mr. Policeman.

Off to hang out with a non-Alyssa friend and maybe see someone that has a crush on me.

New day: at work. Saw the person I wanted to see but think it’s pretty much not going to happen. I’m 97 percent over it.

I got to listen to my new favorite song 16,000 times: When I Go Deaf by Low. Up until yesterday, I’d never heard of them, but I’m being forced to go see them in concert in order to make someone else jealous (that’s right, I’m allowing myself to be used as a prop). They’re Mormon; I’m supporting a Mormon band.

Tonight I’m having Shabbat with Alyssa and Aimee returns!!! Yeeehaw!

Top two pictures are us working off the muffins to Erasure and Fleetwood Mac. I’m not ashamed. (Notice Cornelius in the background trying not to stare at us.)


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