>Another Famous Guy At Work

April 3, 2007 § 3 Comments

>Keanu Reeves is hanging out at the cafe right now. That’s the full report. He’s reading alone. Looking scruffy.

Feeling a lot better. My funk is almost over and I’m catching up on writing.

Tomorrow I’m going to the ER to get my lump on my back checked out. Don’t worry, it’s probably just a fracture. Good times.

Also, Cornelius has developed a strange limp in the past 24 hours. Any clues?

Song of the second: 9 to 5 by Dolly


§ 3 Responses to >Another Famous Guy At Work

  • aimee says:

    >i wish i could go to the er w/you and alyssa but i can’t b/c of the job. can you believe that? i still can’t.also, did you know that keanu is the only male actor i ever found attractive (this is before gael bust out onto the scene)? crazy. how can he go and read there? is he too old and passe for people to go over and harass him?

  • polarchip says:

    >maybe corny is trying to show sympathy for your back by limping around. Hoping to make you feel better about yourself.

  • ByTheBay says:

    >I hope your back lump is okay! Will keep you in my prayers. Yay to scruffy Keanu. Hope you had a good Pesach.

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