>Kismet Cake

April 25, 2007 § 9 Comments

> For my birthday, my parents got me a gift certificate to a “fancy” ice cream cake shop in Soho. Unfortunately, twenty dollars only covers the tiniest cake in the world. Alyssa and I couldn’t stop laughing when we opened the box. We had three dollars in credit left and so we purchased a chocolate covered banana. It was so bland! Anyway, thanks Mom and Dad for the GC. Next year, we’ll find a better place. Alyssa, Kim, and I went to dinner and then sat on my stoop and ate the cake. (Don’t worry, Aimee, we saved you a piece.) It wasn’t a bad-tasting cake and we were all a little forlorn when it ended. Turns out Kim knows my weirdest neighbors. She’s marginally acquaintances with sex guy (the guy who lives above me and has sex with his curtains open). I decided not to stick around to officially meet him and his friends.

My doctor’s visit was so negative that I don’t really want to write about it on my blog. On the upside, I’m going to go see someone else. Everything else is on the downside except it’s very, very likely that I don’t have cancer.

Not-Morris is not gone. My circle just got smaller and he may be even closer than two blocks away. This is funny enough that I’m not stressing about it; amazed by the coincidence, but not stressing.

I’ve been getting more sleep lately and I think I like the way it feels. I encourage everyone to try it.


§ 9 Responses to >Kismet Cake

  • >Good luck with your medical drama. That doesn’t sound fun.On a lighter note, the size of that cake is hilarious.

  • mother says:

    >We certainly are embarrassed about the cake. Dad and I waled through the bitter cold (please locate the violin) to get this for you. We both remember that they showed us a decent sized cake for the amount of the gift certificate. Of course we’re sorry; we’ll try to improve next year. Why did the cake say Kismet? Bubbie has talked about Kismet a lot lately. I’m glad you shared your treasure with good friends.

  • Gili says:

    >mom,it’s so funny. kim and alyssa were worried that you guys would be hurt if i showed the cake and i said, no! they’ll think it’s funny. don’t worry about it. we learned. that place is really weird is another thing we learned.kim taught alyssa and i the word kismet. it’s come up about my dating life a lot and alyssa and i insert it into our daily conversations. it’s just the theme of new york for us, kind of.and isn’t it kismet that bubbie says, “kismet?” i mean, what are the chances? let me do some research. i think it’s like 1 in 72. because today’s the 25, right?

  • mother says:

    >wouldn’t that make it 75?

  • aimee says:

    >HAHAAAA!!!!! that is SO funny, the size of it. HAHAAAA. you should have just eaten my piece.also, i canNOT believe you put that person’s not name on yr blog. HAHAAAAAAAA.i ALSO have noticed you’ve been getting more sleep (except for the special nights). i’m really glad you’re doing this. i also highly recommend it.

  • polarchip says:

    >You’re like a master photographer now!

  • Gili says:

    >this is just weird. i got a customer complaint this morning from someone about: 1 of Kismet: A Musical Arabian Night (Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording… Now, for real, what are the chances?

  • mother says:

    >since it’s the 27th, probably 1 in 118.

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