>Organization Is Key

April 29, 2007 § 2 Comments

>After throwing an amazing temper tantrum of which I am very proud, Aimee gave me a handmade wall calendar. It’s hard to see in the pictures how life changing this will be, but now I am finally going to see the forest along with the trees. I’ve filled in May and June already. Thanks for changing my life, Aimee. Now I will never have to wake up and say, “What’s today?” All I have to do is roll out of bed and walk over to my office and read away. It’s all there for me to see.

Friday, I left work early and wandered around the West Village with Joe. We found the perfect dog, Marvin. That puppy place is dangerous. They’ll get you if you’re not careful.

The juicer was christened with kale, celery, carrots, ginseng, bananas (we found out later, when we read up on “what not to do” that bananas are never supposed to be juiced), and parsley. The juice was disgusting but we drank all of it and it did give us a rush for about half an hour. There was some sprinting upstairs thanks to kale. Incidentally, my entire kitchen was covered in kale, which stains. (Here’s a beautiful picture of one of the nice designs that kale made on my counter.) Thanks, mom and dad for the juicer. More updates on my juicing life later.

Joe and I took the Staten Island Ferry, which was perfect. No idea why, but there was a beautiful fireworks display over the Statue of Liberty. Very romantic, almost silly how romantic.

Tonight Ellen was in town. Aimee, Ellen, David, and I met up for dinner at good old Skylight Diner. Except Skylight was totally weird. They took forever to seat us, refused to bring us water, and then refused to bring us water some more. Just goes to show that everything in New York is changing all the time. Even good old Skylight. Then Aimee and I went over to Ellen’s apartment for our traditional raid the closet-athon. We both ended up with a healthy dose of new clothes and I got a great new tropical welcome mat and set of Alaskan shot glasses. Thanks, Ellen!!!!

After leaving Ellen, David, and Aimee, I headed over to Chinatown to have my very first bath since moving to the city (not counting the baths I’ve taken at Kimberley’s in Boston). Alyssa let me borrow her tub and I was in heaven. I forget how my ADD really subsides when I’m soaking in the tub. I read some more of Drown and managed to release some of the tension in my shoulders. Then Alyssa and I had ice cream and watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Tomorrow my big plans are to get writing done, do my usual Monday things (Trader Joes/library/etc) and maybe see Aimee and/or Maggie in the evening. I know I’ve been slacking on the blog and I’m going to try to write more often.

It’s all about the wall calendar.


§ 2 Responses to >Organization Is Key

  • aimee says:

    >HAHAA!! you better pray that you don’t have a stalker. i used to be tempted to photograph my planner, but then i’ve been like, oh, wait, now everyone knows where i’ve been/who i’ve seen and that is no longer a good thing.hahaaa. i’m glad that i could enable tantrum throwing so that you will think that having a temper tantrum will ensure whatever it is you are demanding.i’m glad you’re able to tolerate my old lady cranky ways. i’m glad i wasn’t there w/the juicer incident. frightening.

  • >I was so jealous I almost cried when I saw these pictures. Ellen! The Skylight! I wanted to beam myself to New York last night. ::sigh::It looks lovely.

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