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June 22, 2007 § 15 Comments


Another perfect, calm day in Cambridge. Went for my morning run and then walked around town reacquainting myself. I got coffee at my favorite local coffee shop (Simon’s), found a cute vintage dress for cheap (this is not New York!), browsed around bookstores, stole produce in the self checkout line at Shaw’s, and read for school.

I met up with Kimberley after work and we walked around Harvard Square until I found a good enough sandwich for the movies. I ended up with tuna fish on a baguette. (What kind of deli doesn’t have pumpernickel? There is no punch line.)

Right as we were leaving the deli, we ran into the famous Olga, who is a friend of my family’s and also the caterer for the Red Sox. I’d never met her before and she freaked out about how much I look like my parents. I used to get that I look like my dad, but now I guess I also resemble mom. Anyway, Olga’s great. I had already met her gorgeous daughter who I dreamed of making into my own personal shopper but was too shy to ask. Now I’ve met the root.

Kimberley went to her acting class and I saw Away From Her, which none of my New York friends were interested in going to with me. I got to the theater early enough to watch the longest army recruitment video I’ve ever seen. By the end, I was ready to join. I mean, I would really be in shape, you know?

The movie was mostly well done and smart. I could totally see Alice Munro all over it, which is a compliment. It’s definitely an old lady film and I was the youngest person there by far. (I always get a bit melancholy when I go to the movies alone.)

I walked home in the rain. (Kimberley said today is the first real day of summer. Is that true?) Here are some pictures from my day. (Look! A baby on a leash because Cambridge is a really dangerous place.) (And a picture of my dirty foot after a day of walking around in my flip-flops. I’m so hardcore.)


§ 15 Responses to >More Me Time

  • breda says:

    >army recruitment videos ALWAYS make me want to join up. i mean, not really of course, but they are so compelling!

  • aimee says:

    >i was so pissed b/c the nypd was recruiting in the street yesterday. i passed by once and then went after a brown dude, and then passed again, and they tried getting a black woman. i was like, HI, what about ME??? i was walking slowly enough to be at least greeted. sheesh.i wonder how many asian women are on the force? hm.

  • Gili says:

    >Ching-In probably knows the exact statistics. Here’s a depressing article written in Hyphen Magazine (has Ching-In gotten you a subscription yet?) about an Asian-American woman in the military:http://www.hyphenmagazine.com/blog/archives/2007/03/asian_american_10.html

  • Gili says:

    >that might have gotten cut off. try this:http://www.hyphenmagazine.com/blog/archives/2007/03/asian_american_10.htmlthat's part one and two. paste em together.

  • polarchip says:

    >G_d, you make Boston sound like white-picket-fenceville! What a life. It all sounds great!Except, come on! How much does fruit cost? You have a job. I’m telling you this because I’m your friend.

  • aimee says:

    >oh, nice detective work, p! i totally missed the open admission about stealing. hahaaa. we’re friends w/a thief.thanks for more depress-o info, gi. always love to hear about violence against asian americans.here’s a tip for long urls: go tohttp://tinyurl.com/and plug in the long one, and they’ll make a tiny one for you.

  • Gili says:

    >I can’t keep up with you computer people. You know everything. Yes, I’m a thief. But only from the big corporations. Still bad, right? I stole a bottle of water from CVS today. It was so easy. I’m such a teenager. I need to stop.I think it’s something about trust. Those self checkout lines are only put into the “good” (meaning rich) neighborhoods and I feel like they somehow push me to question whether or not I’m “good” enough too. This is clearly not well-formulated. I think it’s also just so easy. I mean basically I pay for the non-organic price for organic fruit. Or I just add things to my bag that I don’t bother scanning. Oh, look at me trying to explain away my bad behavior.It’s a commandment. G-D will find a way to punish me for this. (Maybe G-D’s punishment is sticking Ellen on me. The guilt is seeping in.)

  • aimee says:

    >you need to stop buying/obtaining bottled water, period. you know about water privatization and all those horrible things!!i didn’t steal things when i was a teenager. HAHAAA. the only time i stole from a store, i was in 3rd grade, and guess what made me want to do it? SUNDAY SCHOOL. when we were practicing taking communion for our first communion. we practiced w/candy and i wanted more and so i ripped open a pack at caldor’s and took two or something.the way i do organic/non organic is either to take off the sticker, or use the wrong code. like anyone can tell from looking that my pecans are organic or not. we all steal. don’t worry. i mean, don’t keep it up and then publicize it, but you could be doing MUCH worse things.

  • aimee says:

    >and yes, only from the big nasty corporations. i would only pull that shit at their posts.

  • Gili says:

    >wow. i never know what side you’re going to choose. i guess if you have done it, then i get to be absolved too. that’s so exciting for me. anyway, i didn’t steal as a teenager too much. it’s more now. now that i’m having my teenage years for real. i could blame saturn return. today on the way to cvs (where i stole the bottle of water) i wondered if this second puberty will end at some point. here’s what happened: i needed a prescription filled and also realized that my bottle for carrying water (that i refill) was at kimberley’s. so i was holding a bottle of water (which i am now refilling, in case you thought i bought new bottles of water everytime i get thirsty) at the pharmacy counter. when i was finished dropping off my prescription, i walked out the door with the bottle, mostly curious to see if anyone would care. that’s my confession. i am a child. we know this.

  • aimee says:

    >you know you’re not supposed to reuse those bottles b/c they have high levels of estrogen in them. bad things leach out and then you drink it.hey, i can blame the catholic church but you can’t. HAHAA.i don’t think i’m ever going to exit MY second puberty (i’m not sure, this might be my fifth), but we’ll see if that changes once i get out of saturn return in a few months.

  • breda says:

    >omg i buy SO much water…my friend was supposed to get me a filter for a wedding present but she didn’t…estrogen!?

  • aimee says:

    >well, that i first heard from rod, and you know what a reliable source he is. hahaaa! but i feel like i’ve still heard things about leaching.

  • aimee says:

    >oh, besides the fact that it’s all just tap water anyway.

  • aimee says:

    >i also wanted to say that this post title makes me CRAZY b/c of my dyslexia. something about these three words just kills me: EVERY time i see it, it readsME MORE TIMEi just can’t get it straight. thanks for giving me a phrase that i can now use whenever i try to convince people that i really am dyslexic. wohoo!

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