>trashy, gossipy blogger returns to school

June 23, 2007 § 3 Comments


(Here’s a picture of the merchandise in question. The avocado was purchased as non-organic. The cherries were purchased as grapes. The water was flat-out stolen. Deal with it. I guess I’m actually the one trying to deal with it.)

Third residency has begun! Don Share read tonight and he mentioned trashy, gossipy blogs and I thought about my blog and felt guilty but Sara leaned over and said she loved my blog, so there!

Good stuff seeing all these silly writerly folks. I can’t get over how happy I am to reunite. I began my evening with Sara G and Alana. We had some much needed pre-workshop venting over coffee at Simon’s.

Big hugs with Michael and the love-fest with Brian has begun (at least on my end).

After the reception in which they’ve added wine to the menu (way to go, Steven!), Jessica helped me to do the right thing and we attended the reading. Then off to our first night at Cambridge Common for more wine and catching up.

I attempted to help Jen find a man thanks to her little gnome friend, Seamus (pictures to follow soon). This will be an exciting evening adventure for the next nine days.

I was seriously ogled by a scary, scary man with little fear and a lot of ogling to do. He followed us outside when we left and I was afraid he would follow us home, but he let it go. Thank goodness for Sara and Jess. Jess offered to make out with me to ward him off, but I let her know I am now officially exclusive. She reminded me that she’s engaged. It was her idea! (She’s going to be thrilled that this made it onto the blog, I’m sure.)

New music from Jen: The Replacements, Georgie James, Annie, and more
Some possible reading material: Deborah Eisenberg. Anybody know her writing?
Person who is online too much: Aimee
Most honored moment so far: Jen forwarded one of my stories to two friends. (I’m famous!)
New obsession: the ask.com commercial featuring Kato Kaelin. (Can you tell that I haven’t been around television in a long time?)
Loving that she busted out of the quiet zone: Breda


§ 3 Responses to >trashy, gossipy blogger returns to school

  • aimee says:

    >doesn’t everyone know that two girls making out would be the LAST thing to ward off creepy men?obviously, there’s no point in me trying to fight my online addiction. i might as well just go raring full speed until it’s all taken away in a couple weeks.

  • polarchip says:

    >Really, you won’t have internet down there??Gi, your school sounds so fun! Sounds like an endless party.Next time someone creepy follows you, turn around and take his picture. With the flash set to extra-bright. Men like that make me really angry- they deserve to be confronted.

  • breda says:

    >yay, shout out #2! polarchip is brilliant, those men do deserve confrontation. just be with a posse when you do it.

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