>Didn’t Take Many Pictures Today

June 27, 2007 § 3 Comments

Leslea Newman’s workshop on how to research was adorable. Such a fan. I started to read her young adult novel, Jailbait and I’m loving the main character. I probably won’t get far in it because I’ll have to start reading for school soon.

A.J.’s workshop was the best workshop I’ve ever had where my own work wasn’t being critiqued. She applied her comments and analysis to all of our work and she provided us with the tools to revise. I wish I had more time in the program to work with her.

During workshop time, I like to stare out the window.

I’m going to rename this, “Jen’s Blog.” She’s one of the only people I know (not including Riva) who is as mesmerized by the camera as I am. (If you look carefully, you can see my lovely mentor in the background above Hannah’s head. I swear to you, that was unintentional.)

I know this isn’t realistic, but at some point today, I imagined Abbey and I could purchase an abandoned train that’s no longer on tracks. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a writers’ retreat center located in an old train? A girl like me will never stop dreaming.


§ 3 Responses to >Didn’t Take Many Pictures Today

  • aimee says:

    >do you just take pictures in the middle of class??you should also do a retreat in an abandoned station agent’s shack. and have the two near each other. AND have a truck outside that’s close to both that sells food and drinks.

  • polarchip says:

    >The train idea DOES sound amazing! If you could find an old steam engine to pull it around, you could say “Writing is a journey, not a destination” or some workshoppy saying like that.You’re SUCH an amazing photo blogger now! I totally love it!Does your school offer a PhD and post doc too? Geeze. I don’t want it to end, ever.

  • Gili says:

    >The three pictures were taken before class began, worry not, Aimee.I really love the train idea. Jen G’s uncle has written three books on trains, so she’s going to ask him all about how to buy a train, but I think this is a lot more improbably than starting a writer’s retreat in a house.thanks, polarchip. during residency it’s a lot easier to have the energy to take pictures than to write about the experience.I wish we offered PhD and post doc. I would never leave.

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