>Sometimes you can’t take a picture of the moon.

June 30, 2007 § 3 Comments


The student center, where our small group workshops take place has this freaky bulletin board with weird blurbs like, “don’t drink and drive” and then directly to the right, pictures and words like “flip flops” and “hair dryer.” To top it all off, there are bloody rags stapled to the corners. I think they were going for some kind of Red Cross theme, but after staring at this for days, I couldn’t stop thinking that in my life, not forgetting refers to the Holocaust. I borrowed a Sharpie and added “The Holocaust” to the board. Brian was tickled.

He called me, “trouble.”

He wants this to be his next bio pic for his next book.

And now a look at some of the food I enjoy while educating myself.

At the beginning of the week, I worried that I hugged a mentor for too long. I may have accidentally rubbed his back in the moment. Abbey reenacted the movement, which is now universally symbollic for: inappropriate, creepy stalker student, the mentor I was hugging, and Gili’s a freak.

Sara and Gili’s talk show (aka workshop hogs). Example: “What do you think, Sara?” “I’m going to go with you on this one, Gili.” “I don’t know, Sara, you’ve got a point.” On and on and on they go.

Jen practices a different camera face.

Buki relaxes after her reading. Diva!

Sara attempts to teach me an ANTM face.

“Gili, stop talking, you’re making me panic!”

Pay attention to me, pay attention to me.

Happy birthday, Christine!

Our usual camera faces. Jen commented, “If we put my cheeks with your chin, we’d have the biggest face in the world.” Don’t I know it?

Billy, my surrogate mommy.



Marjorie, my default therapist. Love that woman.

sleepy gi

How much is that dress in the window? I do hope that it is for sale.

two wise women


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