>At Graduation, Wayne Brown Said, "In The End, All We Really Want Is To Belong."

July 1, 2007 § 1 Comment

>Jess and I walked to Harvard Square and had Italian Ice Therapy.

Sunny summer skies.

I asked Kate (Cate?) how she could stand being Billy’s mentor since she’s probably on constant cute overload. She refused to comment.

Because Jen and I are the same person (I’m the louder version of us), we must own the same clothes. She bought our new favorite tank top and my red skirt (but I copied Aimee with the skirt, so Jen can’t be blamed). How will I live without my other me by my side?

Dear Joan Didion, Please speak at our graduation for free next semester. You changed my life. Also, can I move in with you? Thanks. Love, Jen

First time I ever took a picture that looks like a book cover. Couldn’t you see this on the front of Virgin Suicides?

Looks sweet and cute, right?

A little over-stimulation goes a long way. Rachel Manley went to town mothering me and lecturing me about cat scratch fever. She insisted I use antiseptic and she wanted me to pour white rum over the cut. The extremes we go to in order to get our mentors to pay attention to us!

Abbey/Abby take over camera duties. Who knew they were genius photographers?

I adore these two chickadees.

Sepia Sunday.

I was trying to get Abbey to take pictures of Elaine Mar. She’s so fierce. An amazing writer and the only mentor that saw my scratched hand and said, “I told you so!” and insisted that she didn’t care. It’s love.

I guess I’m a harsh critic.

Abby, an enigmatic angel.

Last supper.

Buki and Michael bestowed advice on us, “Finding a supportive friend in this program is the most important thing you can get in your time here.” (Or something like that.) Plus, Michael told me I’m adorable! And he’s adorable! Such a love fest.


I was a prisoner because the night before I went home early. What you’re witnessing is utter exhaustion. And perhaps fear of closure.



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  • TI says:

    >I love it, again. Your blogposts throughout the residency document its essence so well! Also, I love that you quote my mentor!

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