>The Heat Is On: Scrabble Tourney Journey

July 8, 2007 § 3 Comments

>Dad and I saw a dolphin jumping in the ocean today. We also spotted a yellow crab peeking out of its hole and a beautiful blue heron. (Check out dad’s cool clip-on shades. This guy’s got style.) Later, Dad got really excited when he witnessed a lizard catching and then consuming a moth. Ah, nature.

It’s so hot here that my legs were covered in little beads of sweat like condensation on a glass. I swam in the ocean, which was calm and warm.

Mom and I took on the mall and went to Nordstrom (YEA! I miss you, Nordstrom!) for some serious bra shopping. We had a no-nonsense woman named Robin measure us and we were both lovingly schooled about not knowing our correct sizes. As far as I can tell, sizing is a science. I ended up choosing two bras in a different size than the one Robin suggested, and I ran away from the counter while mom was paying for our things because I was afraid Robin might strangle me with her pink measuring tape. But she should be happy for me, because these bras feel better than any that I’ve ever had.

Who will religiously comment on my blog while Aimee’s trekking through the monsoons of Mexico? I promise to try to stay out of trouble while you’re gone. Come back in one piece please.

I know you all care a lot about our family Scrabble games. Here’s the latest: Mom kicked things off with a 78 point word, “beeping” (50 points for using all her letters and 28 for the actual letter values) and I spent the rest of the game unsuccessfully trying to catch up. Mom won with 282 points and I trailed far behind with 211. Oy vey.


§ 3 Responses to >The Heat Is On: Scrabble Tourney Journey

  • breda says:

    >i will step up in aimee’s absence. i only hope she returns with a crispy tan:) your family’s scrabble scores are scarily impressive! but maybe b/c i never play. succesful bra shopping is the best! if you are small busted then american apparel bras are the best:)

  • Gili says:

    >yea for the lovely breda!!!! aimee would never forgive herself if she got a tan.my family doesn’t joke around about scrabble. more like, my mom and i don’t.i only wish i was small busted. sigh. but now i am a happy owner of two perfect bras. thank you, calvin klein.

  • aimee says:

    >stay out of trouble!no tan, no tan! i am trying not to tan! i have a big hat, a kerchief to cover my neck, dress, pants, knee high socks, and shoes. oh, and a long sleeved to cover my arms. that is how i dressed to come into town.but i think i still managed to burn my face yesterday making paper and hanging it on the line…i love you miss you! back in a week!

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