>Regression’s almost over. About to return to my life as an adult.

July 10, 2007 § 12 Comments

>In honor of Aimee (or I guess in memory of her, since she’s gone for two weeks) I decided to copy her photo and post one of the fish in our family room. Lovely, right? There’s some story my dad would love to tell about catching this fish but I can’t remember it. I know our friend the fish moved all over Florida with us and originated in Minnesota.

I’m finished with the Schulman book, and working on writing a fair review. Now I’m reading my last fluff novel for the semester, Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood. So sad to know my days of learning about the Traveling Pants are numbered.

For fun, which of the sisters are you (Bee, Lena, Carmen, or Tibby)? I’ll start things off. I’m a combo of Carmen and Tibby with a little Bee in the mix. Ultimately, I think I’m most like Tibby.

Fascination! Tonight I found out that my mom sleeps with a bar of soap underneath the sheet at the foot of her bed in order to prevent foot cramps. It’s worked for months. (She used to get a lot of cramps. Apparently this was published in the local paper. Breda, any medical thoughts?)

Tonight we played our last round of Scrabble before I return to New York. For most of the game, mom was in the lead, though even dad was ahead at times. Then I used all my letters to make the word “suction,” and I soared forward. In the end, Mom had 203, Dad had 230, and I won with 243. I can go back to New York as the champion (although technically Mom won 50 percent of the games and I won the other half).

All in all, a good visit. Helped me get over my post-residency depression. Thanks, parents.


§ 12 Responses to >Regression’s almost over. About to return to my life as an adult.

  • breda says:

    >what kind of soap is this, please.

  • polarchip says:

    >I think I might be Bee…with a touch of Tibby. What parts of Carmen do you see in yourself? I’m curious.They’re like the literary Spice Girls! Love it!

  • mother says:

    >I’ve read that ivory is good, but I don’t know what kind I’m using–whatever I found in our drawer. I do know it has worked for me and that’s what counts

  • Gili says:

    >Carmen has a need to make sure everyone is happy. She takes care of the whole group, but doesn’t always remember to take care of herself. She also has low self-confidence at times. That’s what I relate to the most.You’re totally Bee. Tibby? Really? Why? I might say Lena more for you. I’m not sure. Have you read the other three books or just the first? Not to be missed! I’m loving number four.

  • polarchip says:

    >Just the first. I said Tibby because sometimes I feel a little subversive and also I’ve seen a lot of sad/beautiful stuff. Also b/c she’s a “filmmaker” and I was like that for a while.Why Lena? I didn’t feel any connection to her.You’re SO GOOD at hiding your low self confidence! Can I have lessons? I’m going to re-read 1 and then request 2-4 at the library! Still haven’t seen the movie.

  • breda says:

    >i haven’t read any sisterhood books, only seen the movie. but it was rented which means it only had 1/2 my attention….there was one named “tibby”? i definitely do not remember that. i have no idea about the soap! i thought it was going to be a special fancy soap with some oil…but just ivory?! v interesting.

  • mother says:

    >breda, just any kind. it really doesn’t matter.

  • Bug says:

    >I’m so jealous of your scrabble playing. My husband hates scrabble for some bizarre reason, so I don’t play as much as I’d like since he’s the person I’m around the most.

  • TI says:

    >What’s the science behind the soap remedy? I must know! Hey, Bug, I also have a hubby who won’t play scrabble and I LOVE it. We have a scrabble club here in town but they’re pretty serious (like, competitive and they travel to competitions) and in any case if I add one more thing I think I’ll have to check into the pscyh ward.

  • riva says:

    >I think I’m mostly the introverted Lena with a little of the crazy blindspots and low confidence of Carmen and a little of the wackyness of Tibby. I can’t identify any of Bee in myself.

  • breda says:

    >i did a little reasearch about the soap:http://www.snopes.com/oldwives/legcramp.aspnobody knows why it works! i love that ann landers was involved.

  • mother says:

    >Thanks for the reference, Breda. I found it interesting.

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