>Talking To Myself

July 15, 2007 § 2 Comments

>Gili 1: Hi
Gili 2: Hi
1: What have you been up to?
2: Not very much.
1: Oh.
2: Yeah, that’s why I haven’t been writing on my blog since Florida.
1: I was wondering. So nothing’s new?
2: Not a whole lot.
1: Hm.
2: Well, there is one thing.
1: Do tell.
2: I started my novella.
1: Wow, you must be really excited.
2: Excited, overwhelmed, happy, worried, all the biggies.
1: What’s it about?
2: I can’t really talk about my writing while I’m in the early stages, but I will say that a lot of the themes that come up in my short stories have already appeared in the first pages of the novella. I’m beginning to realize I have a pretty specific type of character that is asking to be written about.
1: Right. I heard that you have a new imaginary friend named Jersha. Is she related to the novella?
2: No, not that I know of, but I wouldn’t close any doors just yet. You never know.
1: Well, this is great news.
2: I think so. Other than that, life has been rolling along. Maybe I’m still adjusting to being back in New York.
1: Sure. Makes sense.
2: I got a monkey lamp. The monkey is holding a human skull and sits on top of Huxley and Darwin’s books.
1: I see the picture! Looks life-changing.
2: I’d say.
1: Time to get back to your writing. Any final words?
2: Enforcer! Um, I’m reading Things You Should Know by A.M. Homes. So far, I think Safety of Objects is better. Raymond Carver breaks my heart with his brilliance. I’m comparing his two short stories, The Bath and A Small, Good Thing for my annotation. Martha Wainwright’s on repeat on the Itunes. Watched Being There again. Now that’s a real movie. I started wishing there were more movies like that, but…
1: Okay, Gili, I’m cutting you off. Get to work.
2: Thanks for talking with me.
1: Good luck with the novella.
2: You, too.


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