>general groan

August 16, 2007 § 7 Comments

>Yesterday was a big grooming day. On my way to my eyebrow wax at Aveda Institute, I saw the Project Runway guy on the street.

I thought I was in for a good waxing because I got an instructor. She was a brute with tweezers and accidentally ripped off a tiny part of my skin under my brow.

Veronica came over with ice cream and gave me a new cut. As always, the woman is a genius with shears.

I finally treated her to dinner and while we were eating Italian on my block, Caitlin M-T walked by. Tomorrow she is going to Ronna’s wedding in Pittsburgh. Ronna went to Interlochen with us, too.

Tonight is Tara’s going away party. She’s about to move to Kansas City to pursue her MFA.

This week feels like a fluid mixture of past, present, and future. I guess everything in life is, but lately, it feels like I’m running through a maze of intersections.

I’m tired, still grouchy, and still recovering from camping.

Riva is on her way to her new home on the East Coast. I can’t wait to have her so close.

Oh, did I listen to that again?: Martha Wainwright’s Bloody Mother F-ing Asshole.

A review I wrote of Sarah Schulman’s The Child is online on Venus Magazine’s website. More reviews to come. Some of the edits seem a bit off, but that happens. I came up with the genius title. (Obviously, since it’s my cell phone ring.)

General groan.


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