>attempting to eliminate my D.C. phobia

September 24, 2007 § 1 Comment

>Effective Treatment(s) of Social and General Anxiety:

1. visit a friend like Jen G.

2. take pictures.

3. drink a lot.

4. get beat up.

5. make friends with a gnome like Seamus.

6. go to the Peach Pit, I mean the Black Cat.

7. play in the dirt.

8. make friends with a french bulldog.

9. look at amazing murals hidden in the back of restaurants.

10. eat at ben’s bowl of chili.

Follow these ten steps and you’re on your way to recovery.

If you want to see more, check out Jen’s flickr site. She’s a way better photographer than me. But then, who isn’t?

*books: James Salter’s A Sport and A Pastime (felt so-so about it), Dennis Cooper’s Closer (didn’t like this very much), and currently reading Deborah Eisenberg’s The Stories (So Far) Of (I think she’s a keeper).
*watched Klute (can’t believe Fonda won an Oscar for this unthrilling thriller), Logan’s Run (just as good as the first time), Kong (movie they played on the bus), and some artsy porn by Richard Kern (hit or miss. mostly seems to be made for boys however I recommend chapter two until the cheesy lesbian part at the very end.)
*New York is not the same without: Aimee
*procrastinating on: packing for my big move to Astoria
*still coveting: new boots and a new bag
*favorite omelet: Joe’s home-cooked specialty
*a better basement than I have ever lived/worked in: Jen’s home
*who hasn’t changed one bit: Erin from Amsterdam, who lives in D.C.
*who needs to stop making lists and should go home and pack up her books: Gili


§ One Response to >attempting to eliminate my D.C. phobia

  • aimee says:

    >finally!!!!!! more gili on the blog. i was starting to get malnourished. i highly approve of the dirt play. and hahaaaaa re: peach pit! HAHAAAA. and i swear, it’s like i’m still in ny but just don’t get to swing by on thursdays. really! don’t you think? hm, maybe not…

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