>My supposed friend, Denise

October 7, 2007 § 4 Comments


The top picture is what I look like when I am not in a good mood. Though I seem perfectly socially adjusted (just go along with me on this one), some of you who have known me for a while will agree that I am quite shy and not very good at being in crowds when I don’t know the people around me. I have found three great ways to deal with this. Writing is one of them.

Riva refuses to accept that I have a friend named Denise. This is the closest thing I have to evidence of her existence. Believe what you will, but if I did have a friend named Denise, this is exactly what she would look like.

Things I have learned about Astoria:
1. Without a granny cart, doing laundry is a muscle-building endurance test.
2. The C Town is much nicer than the Key Foods.
3. Esparks is a great place to sit and write (as I am supposedly doing right now) but their soy latte tastes like fish juice.
4. Army recruitment is big here.
5. My bathtub is super cool. There’s this pole right beside it and if you turn the top part half way, the drain closes in the tub. Still, no bath yet. It’s much too hot outside.


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