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November 13, 2007 § 1 Comment


Mom and Dad came to town with a box spring on top of their giant-mobile (sorry, Al Gore. My parents are apparently going Republican if driving a monster car is any indication of how they feel about the earth) and a nightstand inside of it. (This is where they will say something about how I wouldn’t get the box spring, etc. if it wasn’t for the giant car. Do not even try to put this one on me. But then they admitted to not really reading my blog anyway, so maybe they won’t notice that I’m accusing them of being part of the Religious Right.) They treated me to meals, houseware, books, and a lot of desserts. A highlight for them was meeting the Great Theater G-D, Tom Stoppard and much freaking out ensued.

Watched a million movies (including the new one, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, which was mostly really good), went to dinner with the youth of tomorrow at Angelica (Not-Morris accounted for), and saw some art both in a small gallery and at the big sheep farm known as MOMA. Bah!

I’ve taken back my feelings about Roni Horn. I’m working on distinguishing my dislike for an individual artist and their artwork.


Tonight is the National Book Award Finalists Reading at New School. That’s twenty authors. The chances are high that at least one of these authors will be an amazing reader. (And this is the second time I’ll be hearing Lydia Davis read, so that’s a treat right there!)

I think I’ll skip my Aveda brow waxing to make sure I get a good seat. Lucky you, getting to learn the play by play.


Thanksgiving in Woodstock! Hippies unite. I cannot wait to see my beloved Riva Liorah. Her family will spoil me with good food and I’ll get to be at her house, which means instant relaxation. But before I go, I have to write my final submission for the semester. This means Hiber Nation.


Other movies watched:
Monkey Business with Marilyn Monroe (boring, but funny at times), Closely Watched Trains (endearing and smart, a bit boring at times), and Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson and Doris Day (supremely boring).

Friend of My Youth by the great Alice Munro (It’s good to be back with you, Alice.)

Mexican Blue by Jolie Holland (in preparation for Joe and my extended separation. Yes, yes, big grossed out groan here. That’s fine. You can’t stop me!)

Best cure for the winter blues (and if not cure, temporary alleviation):
Skin Milk Foaming Bath Soak ($5.99 at Ricky’s)


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  • aimee says:

    >when will ricky’s start carrying goat milk lotion??you’re so funny w/yr nothing at all and then everything at once blogging. i didn’t know your parents didn’t really read your blog. they’re really good at seeming otherwise. i don’t think they’re going to the right at all.what were your roni horn feelings? i’m curious b/c i had to read a lot of her work in grad school.

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