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December 10, 2007 § 3 Comments


Here I am on my very first day of teaching. Professor Gili all dressed up in her business casual. Don’t I look awkward? Yes. Yes, I do.

Some questions/comments made by the students of my short story class:
-Everything in this anthology is boring.
-Are you a mean teacher?
-This is retarded.
-I read a story in here and it was so corny. (When I asked her the name of the story she read, she said:) I can’t remember. Something about Alabama. This whole book is stupid.
-My favorite book is The Habits of 7 Highly Effective People.
-I also liked The Color of Water.
-Do you always write so big?

In class, we read three stories by Sandra Cisneros including an old favorite of mine, My Friend Lucy Who Smells Like Corn. Nobody was satisfied with this piece because not enough happens. They wanted more action, more of a beginning, middle, and end. I suppose that’s fair.

Tomorrow I have my giant (19 people) intro class. Eeeps.

Big changes.


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