>unwinding from business casual

December 12, 2007 § 3 Comments

>I know I’m obsessed with the ridiculous wardrobe I have to adorn five days a week, but give me a little while to freak out about it. It’s one of my first major paradigm shifts since I moved to New York. 70% of my stress around teaching is figuring out what I can wear that looks good and doesn’t violate the dress code.

This is my new dress, which I actually like, but I can’t reveal any tattoos, so I had to wear a cardigan all day.

The boots are also new and I love them but I’m too scared that they fall more on the casual side and less on the business side. I wore them out with Aimee tonight, and she said she wasn’t sure if I could get away with them.

You be the judge:
“Dress shoes or boots of low to medium heel” are considered acceptable attire for women.
“Flip flop sandals, sneakers, clogs, rubber shoes of any kind” are unacceptable.
And by rubber shoes, do they mean crocs or rain boots?

The faculty bake-off was disappointing.

ESL was super fun. I really have to shift brain speeds in the same way I had to calm down when I took tai-chi in college. Of course, I hated tai-chi and practically passed out during class every day, but so far, I’ve enjoyed the sensation of explaining the mechanics of English in slow-motion.

And three cheers for my short story class. We’re reading Carver’s “Cathedral” and they’re into it now that the main character is smoking weed.

I just finished reading Play It As It Lays and I did not enjoy the story. I’m not giving up on Didion, but I am taking a break.

Next up: Amy Bloom’s Away.

Tonight is the first time in a week that I will have some self-care time. My bathtub awaits.


§ 3 Responses to >unwinding from business casual

  • aimee says:

    >okay, reading the quote makes me think you might be able to swing the boots. under pants. HAHAA. no, just kidding. i wonder if they have BC police on campus.did you get a tripod that i don’t know about?

  • mother says:

    >So glad your classes have gone well. How was the workshop? Why don’t we get to see the beautiful, vintage sweater you wore over your dress? Leave it to Raymond Carver to appeal to everyone.

  • Gili says:

    >The workshop was such a waste. Ugh. I’m so not good with stuff like that. The cardigan is great. You must have worn it a long, long time ago since it’s green, right? But I love it. Sorry I shrunk two of your other sweaters.

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