>double, double toil and trouble

March 15, 2008 § 3 Comments

>Coming off of a fabulously exhausting week. There’s been no time to write, and there’s still no time to write, but I want to get everything down before I forget.

Tuesday night (skipping Monday because I went to some arty/music thingy, which I found kind of boring minus great seating on a comfy futon) I got to see my friend, another student in my graduate school, Alana at Scott Heim’s reading. Scott is our mentor’s partner and has just published his third novel, We Disappear. The event was historical because the Chelsea Barnes and Noble is closing, and this was the final reading.

I wish (for many reasons) that I was a gay man (perhaps an attractive, white gay man) because there seems to be an instant community/readership built into publishing books with gay themes. Lucky for me, a lot of my work dabbles in the homosexual lifestyle. Now if only I had that extra feature that would make men buy my book at full-price. Not that Scott isn’t talented. It’s just that I have noticed that being a gay man comes with perks.

Alana, Joe, and I went out for bar grub and drinks after the reading. I wish Alana liked the city more because it’s nice to be around a sharp writer with a similar perspective on writing. Sigh.

Then good news came my way. I’m going to have a monthly column in bookslut! My first interview will appear in the May issue. Stay tuned for more.

My thesis is taking up a tremendous amount of time, which is exhilarating, exhausting, lonely-inducing, and comforting. And many other feelings. The hardest part is focusing on my work that needs the most attention. Maybe that’s obvious.

Last night, Joe and I joined my parents for a night of theater. We went to BAM to see Patrick Stewart and Kate Fleetwood in Macbeth. As tired as I was, I am realizing that it’s nice to do something outside of watching movies. Theater uses a different part of the imagination. I did not LOVE this performance, but overall, my brain expanded. (Oh, the lack of articulation.)

Further news:

reading and admiring: Ethan Canin’s The Palace Thief
thanks to Jen G, listening to: Beach House
worried about my addiction to: graphic novels. trying to keep it at bay, but couldn’t resist Phoebe Gloeckner and Adrian Tomine this week.


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