>me and those big old waves

April 6, 2008 § Leave a comment


These feelings remind me of the last time. Not that the situations are the same. But I remember what it was like to walk around and hear things, and see things, and feel things, and not talk to anyone about these experiences. My life is private, that’s something that’s always been true. But now it’s sub-private, invisible. Or maybe now, it’s just more pronounced.

Brunch with Kim. Got the friends lined up all weekend. That’s helping.

Still, I cried during Jens Lekman’s show tonight. Crying doesn’t mean anything; I always cry. But it’s just a conundrum. Feeling this way and also feeling that way about someone. This and that.

What lesson am I supposed to learn?

Maybe I’m not making any sense.

I think Jens’ cover of an Arthur Russell song, A Little Lost puts it best.

I never wanted to be left alone.

Big Love to my Big Sister, Kimberley, one of the strongest people I know.


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