>Veronica, Varuni, Denise, Terry, and RIVA all in one day

April 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

>Dreamed that my head accidentally fell on the pavement on top of a pigeon with a broken wing. Blood and guts were spilling out of the pigeon and onto my hair. I scrubbed my hair with shampoo, but somehow, other people found out that my head had touched the insides of a pigeon, and nobody wanted to be around me.

Yup. Good dreams.

Today, Veronica met me for brunch. We had a Turkish buffet. I ate way too much, which is probably good since I’ve had no appetite lately. She’s a good person to talk with (as are all my friends), and I feel like I can count on her.

On the subway platform uptown, I ran into Varuni and her cello. She seemed disoriented and strange, and I wondered if it was my doing, or if she’s just like that, and I’d forgotten. Anyway, I barely got to say “hi” because we were catching separate trains.

I went back to Astoria and worked on my thesis for the rest of the afternoon.

Then I headed into Manhattan for sushi with Terry and Denise. They were so supportive and sweet.

The big surprise was RIVA, who is driving back from Atlanta to Boston with a car-full of grad students. She stopped by sushi with Denise and Terry to hug me and give me lots of love. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

I’m so glad that I made a bunch of plans this weekend. I feel really loved and taken care of by so many people (including people who don’t live in NY).

So, thank you.

I’m posting more Jens pictures because I have a million more from last night.

Oh, and here’s the new haircut that Veronica fashioned just for me. That woman is “shear” genius.


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