>Carry your own darn weight.

April 22, 2008 § Leave a comment

>Maybe I should just rename this “Gili’s Aikido Blog.”

Day three kicked my buns. Mike makes funny, squeaky noises and today he showed me what it feels like to have my wrist/arm/elbow twisted off. So great!

All this empowerment illuminates how much energy people/work/things take from me instead of give me. I’m learning how to be strong, how to contain my own energy, and how to not put other people’s weight on my shoulders. I can shift my weight, so that others are empowered to learn to carry their own (damn) weight.

Tonight, Abbey is driving from Vermont to New York! We’re going to have a cheap-ass, penny-pinching time, hanging out together! And tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous.

I danced on the train home, just thinking about how good I’ve been feeling without all the energy sucked out of me by unneeded stressors.

I wrote a secret reminder note to myself on both sides of my hand.

In honor of Pesach, today one of my new students asked me if I am Jewish, and followed up with a question about whether or not my father is a rabbi. That’s a new one.


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