>I have this friend, Abbey…

April 24, 2008 § Leave a comment


…and she’s fierce.

Abbey and friends arrived! As planned, we kept the cash-flow to a minimum. The visitors are in love with Yaffa Cafe. (Nick, in particular, manages to find something to appreciate in almost everything. I admire that about him, and hope some of this trait rubs off on me.)

We took a tour of my old neighborhood, and we ran into Rob, good old Rob. According to him, I was lucky to get out of my apartment when I did because the kitchen sink apparently backed up and stuff came flying out. And there was some kind of flood (worse than the one that I encountered). A tenant moved in for a couple of weeks, but right after the sink problems, he skedaddled. When talking to Rob, one must assume that everything he says is an exaggeration, but still, it was nice to hear that I made the right choice about leaving.

Mostly, the five of us chilled in Tompkins Square Park: a little people watching and a whole lot of sun.

Abbey’s sister, Heather, and super bff, Franny are moving to the city this summer, maybe even to Astoria. All the cool things about Abbey exist in her posse, too. Eeep! New friends!


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