>(This) Sister Almost Lost Her Traveling Pants

April 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

>Today in Aikido, my gi pants almost fell off. Tim and the instructor agreed that tomorrow I can start training with the rest of the class, but I’m still such a beginner. Not yet! Not ready! Pants almost falling!

I stopped by the Jefferson Market Library where I saw the most beautiful librarian (after Riva, of course) in the world. I was going to tell her, but there was another librarian who wasn’t half as beautiful right next to her. Instead, I told her that I hope she has a good evening.

I was in such a joyous mood post-Aikido (Tim taught me how to take someone down by the twist of the wrist!) that I picked up an M&M cookie for my train ride home, which I promptly gobbled up and then followed with a bottle of orange juice.

I have a new invention. Usually I don’t like to announce them publicly because of fear that my non-patented ideas will be stolen, BUT it seems to me that a certain organization that I am affiliated with recently stole one of my ideas, so who cares? Not me.

Newest idea: Lite-Shampoo- just a quick cover-up for those times when you need to shampoo more than once a day. For instance, if I shower in the morning, go to work, then go running, what do I do with my hair? It’s not time for another intensive treatment. This merely dries the scalp. Yes, yes, I know about Kiss My Face’s Whenever Shampoo, but that’s to be used if you shampoo everyday, not more than once a day. I want super, super non-threatening twice-or more-a-day shampoo.

Finally, to address Polarchip’s concern about my blog name: I AGREE! But every time I ask for help, I am met with startling silence. So, help, or don’t tell me to change my name. I still like “My Main Character,” but somebody vetoed that idea.

Pattern: My ideas are either shot down (RIVA!) or stolen (not going to rat out those of you who have stolen from me, thank you very much!)

Oh! I’m just pent up because I need to talk to Riva and she’s too busy getting an education. Enough with the life-learning; call me!

Eyes on the prize: Joy Williams’ Honored Guests
Ears on the preers: Kiss Me Only With Your Eyes by Future Bible Heroes


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