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May 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

>A couple of nights ago, I talked to Jen H. for the first time in (at least) five years. We’ve been writing letters to each other for years, but this was so different. We were bubbling over. At one point, I asked her what if we ran out of things to say to each other and then neither of us could stop laughing. We have so many shared and parallel life experiences, and we were instantly able to impart insights and ideas into each other’s lives. We talked a lot about the (dys)function of self-criticism particularly in relationship to our art. Soon, she will be studying viola in Montreal. I can’t wait to visit her. This reconnection feels like a continuation, an obvious progression in my life. (I took this picture of Jen during the first year of our friendship in 1997. We painted our bodies for fun.)

I’m headed to Mundo to meet Kim. I’m so fortunate to have such good friends from my past in my present life.

Unrelated, but I realized that today was a major commuting day. The subways I took today: V to the 7; 7 to the E; V; R to the E; R home.

Songs that I love: I Feel Like the Mother of the World by Smog and If You See Her, Say Hello by Bob Dylan.

Still not reading fiction, which might be adding to my feeling a bit unhinged lately. Taking it slowly with Waking the Tiger.

Big Brother Update: I have a blog reader in Switzerland!


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