>sturdy: capable of exerting considerable effort or of withstanding considerable stress or hardship

May 30, 2008 § 1 Comment

Here’s the unfolding thesis drama as told by emails between the director of my graduate program, Steven and myself:


The fed ex package was sealed and didn’t appear to have been tampered with. Is it possible that you or someone just uh, neglected to put the thesis in the fed ex “sturdy pak”? I know that sounds unlikely . . .




Haha. That is SO weird. No, I was the one to put it in the sturdy pak. (I love that it’s called “sturdy pak.” Do bad things happen more often when the spelling is horribly incorrect? For instance, do Qwik Marts get held up more than… more than what? They’re all misspelled: Stop ‘N Go, Dunkin’ Donuts, Kwik E Mart!) It was sealed up and on its way when I left Kinkos. I will try again this weekend. Sigh.




That is VERY strange. You should at least get reimbursement from Fed Ex, no?

Anyway, even if you wanted to bring the thesis to the residency, that would be okay–or send it a cheaper way with a return receipt so you know we get it.

Let me also check with our University mail room–but that it was sealed still perplexes me.




I just talked to a very nice Southern woman at Fed-Ex. She gave me a case ID and she filed a claim (if this is like when the police “file a claim” after your bike gets stolen, we can kiss my thesis goodbye). She asked me how much the contents were worth and I lost it, laughing so hard. I told her my blood and guts were inside the package. She didn’t really understand. I managed to stop laughing long enough to let her know that I had no idea what the monetary value of my thesis was but that it was probably REALLY EXPENSIVE. She said that you should hold onto all of the materials that you did receive from them (I guess the sturdy pak). The whole thing seems like a lost cause. I DO want to get it to you before graduation because it will help me get a sense of completion.

It may take me some time to reprint it and rebind it.




I’ve put the sturdy pak aside—luckily the recyclers here are slow. We checked with the mail room and they don’t have anything.

Let me know if I can be of help further. All very strange.



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