>Divine Design

June 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

Friday morning: Kim and I had no idea that our lives were about to change forever. I worry that you will think I am exaggerating when I tell you that this was the best breakfast we have ever eaten. It was a fluke, really; neither of us had ever heard of Clinton Street Baking Company. I found the restaurant on Yelp because it was close to the Hasidic Bra Shop where we planned to go in the Lower East Side.

Kim ordered the Southern Breakfast — two eggs any style, sugar-cured bacon, cheese grits, fried green tomatoes.

I ordered the Spanish Biscuit Sandwich — scrambled eggs, melted jack, tomatillo sauce with grilled chorizo, with hash browns.

There were many silent moments. We were shocked; we were glowing; we had connected with the Divine.

In a daze, having come closer to Nirvana than I have ever felt from eating breakfast, Kim and I made our way to the Orchard Corset Center, also known as the Hasidic Bra Shop. Again: Divine. The Hasidic man who runs this business is a kind of savant. While fully clothed, and never touched by the Hasid, I was asked to stand up straight, and then to turn around. After only a few seconds, the Hasid was able to tell me my actual bra size and the size that I was wearing when I entered his shop. He did the same for Kim.

We were given lots of bras to try on in the back, and I left with three half-priced, perfectly fitting new bras for a total of sixty dollars!

I worry that this post does not do justice/even come close to the profound planet-shifting experience that Kim and I experienced. We are frightened to go back to Clinton Street Baking Company because how could the second time ever be as good as the first?

In other news, on Friday evening, Joe and I were sitting in Madison Square Park enjoying a treat from the Shake Shack when directly across the sidewalk from us, a squirrel accidentally fell (maybe fifteen or more feet) from a tree and landed with a thud onto the pavement. The animal was still alive, but seemed to have injured its limbs. In a state of panic, it rushed like a paddling frog across the sidewalk toward me and went right under my bench and back into the grass. I can only think that this strange occurrence is somehow related to the magic and mystery of the day’s events.


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