>In need of sleep

June 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

>Yesterday, I officially accepted a new job. In the next couple of weeks, I am going to prepare a new itinerary for myself to make sure I still have time for writing and extracurricular activities. Stay tuned.

DJW and I finally got to see the new Herzog movie last night. Because I am not an artsy-New-York-hipster-boy, I feel like I tend to miss out on appreciating Herzog to the fullest capacity, but I still enjoy the ride.

We tried to go to the Gold Bar (check out their great website!) to celebrate my graduation, but there was no way on earth that the bouncer was going to let us in. Maybe it was our Chuck Taylors and t-shirts. I have no idea why DJW thought this would be the place to go because after spending some time chatting with the bouncer, we learned that the only people who are allowed into the club are friends of the owners.

We decided to be more reasonable and headed to Fontana’s for a couple of drinks.

In a few hours, I’m off to Boston to graduate. I’m thinking of drugging myself with Sleepinal on the ride to finally get some rest after a mostly sleepless week.

Reading The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel. Sometimes I get stomach pains from reading one of her brilliant stories; she’s that good.


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