>apparently nobody can COME OUT and play

July 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

>Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not gay. This should be good news, but I think I would respect him more if he could be a bit more fluid with his sexuality. After researching with Riva and coming up with unhelpful information like this, I took matters into my own hands and went to a credible source who knows J G-L personally.

I’m trapped at home, waiting for the Verizon fairies to come to my house and magically install internet. That’s right; I am finally going to stop stealing from others and use my very own service.

So far this morning, besides learning about J G-L, I have started reading a new book (Voodoo Heart by Scott Snyder), launched into writing a new story, and discovered the perfect hotel for Kim and my weekend getaway in Lake George. I think I may have fallen in love with the woman at the front desk after she said in the sweetest little sing-song voice, “Let’s have a look-see.”

This weekend I saw two movies, both of which I left with mixed feelings:

Before I Forget
is a French, gay movie about an older HIV-positive fellow, who hates life and wants to die. Two hours of suicidal depression does not make for an uplifting Friday night. However, the older, Canadian woman sitting next to me was a hoot. After the movie she decided we should go see something like Mama Mia to break free from the despair. I did not partake.

I had high hopes for The Edge of Heaven. My new boss raved and so have the reviews. I thought the characters were nice to look at and parts of the story kept my attention, but the tone felt inconsistent. The pacing moved at a hurry-up-and-wait speed.

What am I going to do all day? I need an art project.

This evening, Phillip and I are going to the Corner Shop Cafe.

Help needed: I want to get my new boss a small birthday gift by tomorrow. Suggestions are appreciated.


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